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16 Reasons This Will Be the Worst <I>Celebrity Apprentice</I> Yet

The list of "celebrities" who will be "competing" on the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice has been released and it makes us wary about the new season (more so than normal even). It's an "interesting" mix of C and D listers, and we use the term interesting very, very loosely. I mean, we had heard Tony Danza might be on this season, but alas, not even Tony Danza wanted to get fired by the Donald. So I'm buckling up for two hours a week of this insanity... again, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna suck hard. See our reasons why below.

1. Khloe Kardashian (her sister has a big ass)
2. Claudia Jordan (she's "famous" for holding one of the boxes on Deal or No Deal)
3. Andrew Dice Clay (he used to be a comedian)
4. Natalie Gulbis (a professional golfer... exciting!)
5. Tom Green ("comedian")
6. Jesse James (aka Mr. Sandra Bullock)
7. Dennis Rodman (he might have played basketball a hundred years ago)
8. Joan Rivers (sometimes fashion critic)
9. Melissa Rivers (the annoying daughter of a sometimes fashion critic)
10. Brande Roderick (Baywatch alum)
11. Herschel Walker (Football player)
12. Clint Black (some sort of country singer)
13. Annie Duke (she plays poker)
14. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (TLC singer, but not the dead one)
15. Brian McKnight (R&B singer)
16. Scott Hamilton (can do a mean backflip on ice skates)

Granted, some of these trainwrecks will likely flame out in spectacular fashion (and I'm secretly dying for the first time Dennis Rodman and Jesse James have to team up), but when it comes to business acumen, maybe this isn't the most stunning crew they could have picked. Though Scott Hamilton has made a career out of doing back flips, and Annie Duke does basically con people out of money for a living. But no one wants to see them win. That's not good reality TV.

Your thoughts on the new cast? Sound off below.




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