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<i>Big Brother</I>: The Anticlimactic Ending to a Really Boring Season

So Jordan won. Which was really no surprise to anyone, except maybe Jordan herself. But then again, everything surprised Jordan. You probably could have told her that Julie was a robot and she would have believed it. She won the show purely by dumb luck, which sounds mean, but is true. She claimed that her best strategic move in the game was winning the final HoH, but she won both stages of the competition by chance. She rolled the balls into the right holes better than Natalie, but everyone is a better competitor than Natalie, and then she basically wrote a random number on a chalkboard and won her spot in the final two. I can't even pretend to think that she actually calculated how many votes to evict were cast during the course of the season. She is not a math genius, or any kind of genius.

She didn't have any strategy or ability to read people. She was probably the only person in the house who was shocked to find out that Natalie lied about her age. The only decision she made on her own, without the help of Jeff, was to take Natalie to the final two with her instead of Kevin (though part of me wonders if Jeff sort of guided her on the final two scenarios before he left). I'd like to think she was smart enough to do it herself, but given her babbling speech about how she trusted everyone and just acted like herself as a strategy, I'm more than a bit skeptical.

The jury didn't necessarily vote for her to win; they just really, really hated Natalie. Obviously America cast their vote for her because she's cute and likable, unlike the irksome Natalie, but I would have been curious as to how America would have voted if Kevin had been in the final two and how the former housemates would have voted, because they seemed to respect Kevin's attempts to strategize.

As for this season, aside from a few blow ups early on, Jeff's use of the Coup D'Etat and the Chima meltdown, it was filled with pretty dull people doing very dull things -- so it's not surprising that the winner was equally dull. Even the new twist in which the final three were kept in the house until the needlessly long two-hour finale was overly complicated with ridiculous rules. This show really shouldn't be this hard. I just hope that for next summer, the producers take some of our advice on how to make it more interesting.

Your thoughts on the season or the finale or Jordan's win? Leave them below.




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