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<I>Celebrity Apprentice</I>: This Whole Season Has Rolled Over and Played Dead

During the boardroom on last night's Celebrity Apprentice, Nene Leakes (after she stopped crying for no reason) called Dionne Warwick out for being plain old lazy during the task. And with all the eye rolling that immediately ensued, I was hoping for some big blowout that would devolve into name-calling and nitpicking and the rest of the craziness that this show was once known for. Unfortunately, Dionne gave up without much of a fight and basically told Donald Trump that she should be fired. Wait, what? One of the biggest personalities (not necessarily in a good way) that this show had this season basically just walked off after calling Nene a coward on her way to the elevator? What happened to the drama? Are these folks afraid to come across as the new Annie Duke or Joan Rivers? Are celebrities (aside from Star Jones) worried that they'll get a bad rep if they defend their actions in the boardroom?

The lack of boardroom action so far this season has been detrimental to say the least. Without it, we've been forced to sit through even more footage of the celebs doing their various tasks. And even when we do finally get to the boardroom, there have been scarce opportunities to see the losing project manager bring two people they hate back. Instead, the firings have happened early and without much of a struggle. Let's review:

Week 1 - David Cassidy went toe-to-toe with Richard Hatch, but barely. Richard basically ate the mild-mannered teen idol alive, and Donald called Cassidy out for not being a stronger fighter. The only redeeming moments of this boardroom were when Jose Canseco went into some sort of rage against Hatch. That was awesome, but he was never in danger of being fired, and frankly, neither was Hatch. He's too strong to be out that early.

Week 2 - We adore Lisa Rinna, and she's known for being opinionated, so why did she weakly lay down her sword? Because Star Jones is a bully? Did she not learn anything from watching David Cassidy the week prior? We expected a lot more from her.

Week 3 - Niki Taylor basically just up and quit rather than letting one of her teammates get fired. Lamest thing ever. Why even bother going on this show if you are going to have no backbone or desire whatsoever? Go on Dancing With the Stars if you want to play nice with others.

Week 4 - The aforementioned Dionne Warwick, who has shown that she's quite the diva this season, didn't like that she was being called out for not pulling her weight and just up and told Trump he should fire her if no one wanted her around. We hate that passive aggressive bullshit with a passion, particularly on this show.

So, in the first four weeks of this season, we've had no real knock-down, drag-out fights. And judging by the non-entity that is Hope Dworczyk, the now calm team player Jose Canseco, the out-there Gary Busey (who will likely not even realize when he's being fired) and the way too sweet La Toya Jackson, we're in for at least four more lame boardrooms before this season is over. The only thing keeping us tuned in is the possibility of Meat Loaf's head exploding over something, and the inevitable fight between Nene and Star.

The last season of this series proved that no one cares about regular people trying to be The Apprentice, but at least those nobodies fought for their places on the show. Now we're stuck with celebrities worried about tarnishing their images. If the show continues another season (and Trump has a magical ability to stick around like a cockroach, so we wouldn't be surprised), it needs to find more reality stars like Nene and Richard who have no reputation to uphold and are prone to conflict. Might we suggest any number of the classy ladies from The Bad Girls Club?

What do you think of this season? Is it totally lame or do you like the kinder, gentler boardrooms?

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