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<i>Bachelor Pad</I>: The Eight Most Ridiculous Moments From Week 2

While the first episode of Bachelor Pad mainly focused on Kasey, Vienna and Jake, the second episode had some genuinely dramatic moments... sandwiched in between more awkwardness between Vienna and Jake. Here are the craziest highlights:

Emotional Paintball
This week's challenge was to have the guys blindfolded while the girls answered honest questions about who they found least attractive by chucking eggs filled with paint at them. Then the situations were reversed and all kinds of insecurities came up, particularly for Princess Erica, who was called unattractive even though, in her own words, she's skinnier than Ella.

The Adventures of Kasey and His Throbbing Tattoo
When Jake tried to rationally beg for mercy, Vienna and Kasey perceived this as a threat against them (delusional famewhores that they are) and Kasey took to the diary room to have the cameraman film him flexing his wrist to show how his tattoo was just itching for a fight. "It's guard and protect time." Seriously, drop it already. You still look like a moron for getting that dumbass tattoo in the first place. Flexing it isn't helping matters.

Everyone Gets Their Panties in a Twist
Chris Harrison and the producers realized that Jake was about to be eliminated and decided to throw a spanner in the works in order to keep him around to annoy Vienna longer. Instead of a guy and girl going home, two girls were to be handed marching orders instead. Vienna said they should stage a protest at the unfairness of this twist and Kasey just started with his typical blather about packing their bags and leaving. It's old already and it's only week 2. Way to be the intimidating competitor you tell everyone you are, Kasey.

Romance Isn't Dead?
We know it was supposed to be so romantic to watch Ames run after Jackie's limo after she got eliminated so they could head off into the night together. But all the talk about how it was the happiest limo ride ever and them winning the "real" prize was just cloying considering they had met each other, like, less than a week prior. Plus, the sight of Ames running was just hysterical. At least he didn't get punched in the head this time.

He's Like Jekyll and Hyde
Melissa brought Kasey on her date with three guys, which was awkward since he's hooking up with Vienna, but he just wanted the rose she promised him in exchange for keeping him safe, which made him excited and had him jumping around like a puppy because he's getting his way. Naturally, Melissa got swept up in her only shot at pretending to be The Bachelorette and fell for a forced makeout session with Blake, leading him to get the rose instead. Though honestly, if they didn't have the names on the screen, we would have thought it was Kirk she was making out with -- those guys are practically interchangeable. Anyway, when Blake got the rose, Kasey's true colors showed as he basically called Melissa every name in the book and decided she was a lying devil, not just a stupid girl caught up in the moment. Chill out, dude.

It's Not Always All About You, Vienna
After the twist was announced and Vienna found herself saddled with dealing with Jake for another few days, she cried and said that no one can understand how hard it is to live in a house with your ex-fiancé... in front of Holly and Michael. Those functional exes laughed basically in her face -- as did we.

The Grossest Threesome on TV
After their "date," Melissa decided that Blake was totally into her and decided to start stalking him and sticking to him like glue as much as possible. Because that totally won't scare off a guy at all. She even asked the cameraman if he'd seen her beloved (we presume said camera operator's laughter was edited out) and eventually found him cozied up in bed canoodling with Holly. Melissa then decided that she should hop in bed, too, and just stare at them until things got really awkward.

This Game Is Not For All People
Gia didn't understand manipulation and/or strategy, so she walked off the game with her feelings hurt. The big pouty lips were kind of insane.

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