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<I>Dina’s Party</I>: From Real Housewife to Party Planner

What happens to Real Housewives when they leave their respective shows? Some fade into oblivion. Some try to publicly lose weight and insinuate themselves back into the shows they were cast off from (Jeana, we're looking at you). Others desperately try and find other reality shows to go on (see: Danielle, Famous Food). And then there is the rare bird that actually finds a way to make a living that suits their abilities completely.

The latter is the case for Dina Manzo, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star who basically walked off the show for the sake of her sanity during the middle of a season. She was probably always too decent of a person for that sort of show and now she's found her niche doing party planning (which makes sense since she reportedly had a million-dollar wedding) and got herself a sweet little gig on HGTV with Dina's Party.

The new show had a sneak peek last night (after an episode of Design Star which was guest judged by Ms. Manzo herself) and it was perfect HGTV fare. Dina took her over-the-top party planning skills and applied them to an Italian Cowboy Going Away Surprise party in Staten Island given by an off-Broadway star for his news anchor boyfriend who is moving to Texas. As ridiculous as that "theme" sounds, she somehow made it work (we're totally in love with the Italy Cowboy boot cake) and since it was on HGTV, she gave out tips on how to achieve this insane sort of theme at your next event. Because everyone can afford to turn their million dollar home into a saloon with the help of a carpenter, a mechanical bull and some rented saddles!

It's not exactly groundbreaking material here, and there was a distinct lack of Grandma Wrinkles appearances (which we hope will be rectified in future episodes), but it is a respectable show that won't land her on our list of Heinous Reality Stars anytime soon. While we often appreciate the crazy drama, its nice to see a housewife make good and do something sort of worthwhile with her time.

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