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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Lots of inflated egos appearing on reality television of late. (Yeah, yeah, so what else is new.)

Bianca (America's Next Top Model)
Bianca's a hard person to put on this list because we actually love her when she's starting drama, which makes the show more interesting. Particularly in this instance where her math was right, so she was wise to pick a fight with Lisa and Shannon over phone calls. But then she let that roll over to the challenge, took a boring picture and said that everyone else was just jealous that she's tall and thin and that they are apparently such ugly heifers. Obviously, she thinks she's too good for this competition, but yet she still came back for it...

Teresa (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
Just when it seemed like this season might end on a kind, gentle note with people getting along, Teresa had to go slam everyone in her stupid cookbook just to stir up more shit. Great going, Tre. And picking a fight with Caroline in print was possibly one of the stupidest things we've ever seen in our life. Here's hoping Caroline eats her alive during the reunion.

Zach (Real World: San Diego)
Frank's a ridiculous drunk person who takes his anger out with verbal assaults and by physically attacking home d├ęcor, but he's obviously conflicted about his bisexuality and not coping with it very well. That said, Zach didn't help matters by being super homophobic around Frank, and while Nate was uncomfortable with Frank having sex with a man, he came to terms with it by the end. Zach just seems horrified by the idea that gay men exist and seriously believes they will molest him if he gets remotely near them, which is something he needs to get over, stat. Also, don't insult a free fancy apology dinner. That's just rude.

Kim & Kyle (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
These two played the part of mean girls to Brandi and Dana. Kim (who seemed to be a little... off) kept calling Dana (the hostess of the game night) Pam, thinking she was being hysterical, but essentially insulting her. Then she and Kyle bitched about Brandi being on their team, while she was sitting right there. And the two kept taking off to the bathroom to reapply makeup (how much does one person actually need?) and gossip about their fellow friends, before Kyle finally got in a screaming match with Brandi after the latter (maybe not so tactfully) suggested that Kim might have a drug problem. Still, Brandi came off like the hero here, and she's the woman who lets her kids pee on people's lawns.

Jake (Top Shot)
He was just on this list a few weeks ago, but he deserves a return appearance for his awful attitude. He was such a sour loser that he makes whiny Josh on Project Runway look like a saint in comparison. Jake didn't shoot well during a competition, but instead of manning up and giving it the old college try in the elimination round, he stormed off after insulting everyone. Real sportsmanlike.

Winner: The Richards sisters. They live in their own catty world and really need to learn how to behave in public. If they are going to be drunk, or act drunk, they should learn a lesson from Jersey Shore's little meatballs about how to be so over-the-top drunk that it's actually forgivable. As it is, they just seem mildly tipsy but majorly bitchy.

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