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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

It wouldn't be the season finale and reunion of Jersey Shore if The Situation wasn't acting like an ass.

Bonnie (The Biggest Loser)
Do not go on this show if you think that the trainers are only going to make you walk comfortably on the treadmill. And seriously, don't expect the trainers to be your best friend. How can Bonnie hate Anna? Jillian would have eaten this woman alive and screamed about the millions of people who would kill for this opportunity. Even my mom thinks that she's giving older people a bad name. And when my mom calls to complain about a person on a reality show, you know she's got to be pretty awful.

The Situation (Jersey Shore)
Still with the Snooki sex talk? Drop it already. No one cares what she did or didn't do with you. The whole act about how he was going to quit the show was so obviously an irritating ploy to get attention. A famewhore like him would never willingly leave the spotlight. And we have no earthly idea what his gibberish muttering around the house was about, but we were appalled as he ignored the beautiful art tour and sat and sulked in the corner.

Lisa (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
It was tempting to put Kyle on this list again because she's the cattiest, most obnoxious person on the show. But Lisa was somehow worse, judging Brandi and her actions when she wasn't even there. Don't base your opinions on hearsay, darling -- that's bad manners.

Terra's Mom (I Used to Be Fat)
Not even sure we learned her name, but this larger woman took no responsibility for filling her house with foods that (while delicious) were a major temptation to her dieting daughter. She just continued covering everything in loads of butter and decided that she wasn't going to be a role model to her kid, and that if her daughter wanted to lose weight, it was her own damned problem. She did seem pleased when her daughter was thinner, but Terra lost most of those pounds after she left her mother's home. It says a lot about her home life that the kid lost the Freshman 15 in a dorm.

Ozzy (Survivor)
Ozzy has fantastic survival skills, we're not denying that. But he acted like a big old baby, throwing a temper tantrum and wasting good fish while he wallowed in his own misery. Worse? He tossed his whole game plan away by revealing that he had the immunity idol. And he wonders why he's never won this game?

Winner: Ozzy
We're used to Sitch and Real Housewives being insufferable, and people get cranky about losing (or not losing weight), but there was a time when we thought Ozzy was awesome with his hunting and gathering skills. Now he's throwing away all of our good will by carrying on like a spoiled child just because the other castaways decided to oust his cuddle buddy. It's a major letdown.

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