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Justified: The Shot of the Week

by Rachel Stein March 28, 2012 6:00 am
<I>Justified</i>: The Shot of the Week

With only two episodes left in a highly entertaining season of Justified, I promise to stop talking about Breaking Bad. After reading your comments last week and feeling disappointed when the meth Quarles jacked wasn't blue, I realized that I have an issue about obsessing over that show. This is especially problematic when there's already a truly fantastic series right in front of me, which became increasingly clear in "Measures."

Justified sometimes has a problem with painting enemies as too easy for Raylan to beat, and they sometimes feel more like Power Ranger Putties that serve to show off how awesome our marshal is, rather than complex characters who add to the richness of the story. The writers have gotten much better about that this season, toughening up the show's "throwaway" villains and using them more as wrenches in the gears of the bigger feuds between Raylan, Boyd and Quarles... and Limehouse... and Duffy, Dickie, Errol and now Mafia head Theo (Sons of Anarchy's Adam "Zobelle" Arkin!) -- you get it, there are a lot of feuds at the moment. Each is great to watch, and with Winona out of the picture, there hasn't been a single moment not worth watching. Even when the ends of scenes could easily conclude with... well, nothing, we instead get fun little interactions like, for example, this gem between Rachel and Tim: "What do you think's in the cooler?" "Probably not a human head." "That'd be cool." There was also the scene later where Rodney referred to the marshals as "Federal Storm Troopers," which was just fantastic.

Of course, the best dialogue this evening was, naturally, everything said about Quarles' unsettling physical appearance, which makes him "look like he shits blonde" with "the bluest eyes I ever saw," making prostitutes recall "that butterfly movie" (not The Butterfly Effect, but rather, Papillon) and even convinced the grieving husky owner that he is her deceased barking dog reincarnated and back with a vengeance. All of which leads us to the Shot of the Week, easily nabbed by Quarles, who hilariously wailed, "Ah, what a dick!" after killing the drug dealers who were supposed to be under Boyd's protection.

Speaking of Boyd, I'm excited to see what he's going to do with his naked prisoner, and how his new alliance with Duffy will pan out -- as well as what will actually come of Dickie and Errol's new plan to have him on their team. Boyd isn't stupid enough to get caught with those two idiots, but it's hard to tell exactly what is to come of the Crowder Empire. Whatever it is, I hope Art and Raylan share another father-son moment before then, and that we get to see that human ear Theo loves carrying around with him. Until then, just don't tell me you're fool enough to think there's money under the church, okay?

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