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Quick Tips We Picked Up This Week on 30 Rock

by Rachel Stein January 13, 2012 9:52 am
Quick Tips We Picked Up This Week on <I>30 Rock</i>

If the rest of Season 6 of 30 Rock is as enjoyable as last night's premiere, then we are in for a good haul. "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" wasn't jam-packed with jokes, but it was fun to watch, got nice and weird for a few minutes and ended on an actual sweet and hopeful note. It's not what I usually expect from 30 Rock, but given how repetitive the show was getting, I'm open to the change. And as every successful episode of this show does, we picked up a lot of helpful advice that'll get us through 'til the next episode. Things like...

-Not sure how to pick a good gynecologist? Keep an eye out for a Doogie Howser type, but younger.

-In Kenneth's religion (Eighth Day Resurrected Covenant of the Holy Trinity), when you die, in Heaven you get 72 virgin margaritas, salt optional.

-Meanwhile, Black Heaven has a jukebox, and Women's Hell is the same place as Aroused Dog Heaven.

-Tampon boxes are an easy go-to for inspirational advice.

-Torso fabric is completely redundant, in case you didn't already know. (Also, Liz Lemon is now up $1,000, I believe.)

-The People crossword puzzle is a bit more difficult in the 30 Rock universe than it is in real life.

-Googling Jenna Maroney will no longer immediately inundate you with news stories about that time she electrocuted all those horses.

-Despite how great they sound in theory, Cash Cow and Frasier spin-off Hey Roz make for terrible TV.

-Betty White only pretends to be nice.

-Variety doesn't throw the world "boffo" around lightly.

-At Madison Square Garden, the Liberty Torch card gets you 10 percent off of snacks!

-When sung by a child, "Camptown Races" can potentially make for an impossibly heartwarming accompaniment to an unexpectedly sweet closing scene. And it's free of royalties!

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