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How <i>Up All Night</i> Is Like Real Life: TV Cheaters Never Prosper

Ever since Up All Night's pilot, my wife and I have wondered whether the writers have installed a camera in our place to gather material -- there's at least one moment every episode where the show captures something that happens in our life as perpetually tired parents of two young kids.

The specific bit of verisimilitude on last night's "Rivals" that had us laughing and nodding knowingly was the bit of business involving Reagan and Chris trying to sync up their schedules so they can be together to watch the finale of their favorite show: Friday Night Lights. Now, FNL was never a shared favorite in our home (I loved it, but my wife never got into it -- maybe we'll try again in a few years when the kids are older), but we've always had series that could only be viewed together, ranging from Buffy to Angel to Mad Men. No matter how much we're individually dying to watch the latest episode, we'll wait until we're both home and awake, even if it means holding out for a whole week.

But there was one occasion where, like Chris and Laura, I TV-cheated on my spouse. At the time, our current must-see series was the revamp of Battlestar Galactica and I had received a screener of the mid-Season 4 premiere. I knew I should have saved it until I got home that evening, but after that cliffhanger that ended the first half of the season -- where the crew of the Galactica at last arrived on Earth only to discover an apocalyptic wasteland -- I just couldn't wait to find out what happened next. So I popped the screener in and watched the whole thing at my desk. Unlike Chris though, I didn't try to hide my indiscretion. And while my wife wasn't thrilled to be left out of that initial viewing, she gave me a one-time pass under the circumstances. I managed to get through the rest of the day without spoiling a single detail for her and when I got home that night, we watched the episode together as usual. And you know what? That second viewing was much, much more satisfying than the first.

Ever TV-cheated on your S.O.? Share all the gory details in the comments below.

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