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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Five Best Comebacks

Maya Rudolph made a (mostly) triumphant return to Saturday Night Live over the long weekend, resulting in one of the show's most consistently hilarious episodes in a good long while. Part of that was due to Rudolph's crack comic skills, but you've also got to credit all the other much-loved characters and skits that made a successful reappearance. Here were the night's top five comebacks:

5. What Up With That
We haven't seen much of Kenan Thompson's DeAndre Cole in a while, which is just as well because the sketch was in danger of wearing out its welcome. Nine months after its last appearance, What Up With That returned in fine form, with cameos by a clearly befuddled Bill O'Reilly, a clearly out of her head Kate Upton and a clearly awesome Lindsey Buckingham (played, as always, by Bill Hader). If that's the kind of extended wait time the writers need to make this skit sing, we're okay with not seeing it again until September.

4. Really?: With Seth and Amy
Parks and Recreation is an amazing, amazing show. But a small part of us still wishes that Amy Poehler were still anchoring the Weekend Update desk alongside Seth Meyers so that we could get more of their patented "Really?" segments, which, then and now, are always screamingly funny. How much would it cost to fly Amy in every Saturday night? We'll foot the bill.

3. Jay-Z and Beyoncé's Baby
Considering recent events, it's no surprise that Rudolph opted not to repeat her much-loved Whitney Houston impression. But she didn't leave us pop star-less, instead bringing back her Beyoncé opposite Jay Pharoah's Jay-Z. The two were holding court in their well-appointed home, welcoming a steady stream of famous faces to greet their new bundle of joy. Fred Armisen's Prince was kind of a wash as was Taran Killiam's Brad Pitt, but we always like Abby Elliot's baby-hungry Angelina and Justin Timberlake killed it as a sleepy Bon Iver.

2. Bronx Beat
Timberlake's presence as a horny boom operator also enhanced the return of Bronx Beat, as he and Andy Samberg left the gum-snapping Bronx ladies (Maya and Amy) positively speechless with their proposition for a "four-way." Kudos to Maya for finishing the sketch despite nearly swallowing her gum.

1. The Obama Show
So that's how you make Fred Armisen's previously listless Obama impression funny! Have him play President Obama-as-Bill Cosby. From the note-perfect recreation of The Cosby Show's opening credits sequence (we particularly loved Joe Jamal-Biden's killer dance moves) to Obama/Cosby's love of hoagies to the performance of Ray Charles's "Night & Day" with Hilary Clinton standing in for Rudy Huxtable on the "Baby!" refrain, we dug every minute of The Obama Show and can't wait for the next episode.




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