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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Least Adorkable Sketches

Saturday Night Live tried to up its adorkable quotient with decidedly mixed results on this weekend's Zooey "Queen of Adorkability" Deschanel's hosting gig. The walking poster child for manic pixie dream girls everywhere started off the night strong with a cute little ukulele number about Valentine's Day, but she couldn't sustain that momentum for the rest of the night. Here were the episode's least adorkable sketches:

5. Piers Morgan Tonight
It was inevitable that we'd get a Super Bowl sketch, but did it have to be such a lame one? While Taran Killiam held the anchor desk capably as CNN's Larry King replacement, the various celebrity impersonations -- including Nasim Pedrad's MIA, Jason Sudeikis's and Fred Armisen's LMFAO and Kristen Wiig's Madonna -- were pretty listless. Same goes for Deschanel's brief turn as an Ohio mom offended by that erstwhile middle finger. We would rather have seen this airtime devoted to more of Bill Hader's awesome Clint Eastwood impersonation.

4. Get in the Cage
Andy Samberg's Nicolas Cage sitting alongside the actual Nicolas Cage? That certainly can't be called adorkable. "Freaky" was the word that leaped to mind while we stared at Nic Cage's wax mannequin-like features. (For a moment, we thought his Madame Tussauds doppelganger had come to life and wandered from Times Square up to 30 Rock.) One the other hand, we'd definitely describe this bit as totally awesome.

3. Victorian Ladies
Well, that was a roundabout way of acknowledging the great news regarding the recent overturning of Proposition 8 in California. Not that we had a better suggestion for how to end such a tossed-together, who-cares-it's-the-last-skit-of-the-night skit. At least it wasn't quite as awful and un-adorkable as Wiig and Deschanel's other double act of the night (see #1 below).

2. Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel
Had Deschanel actually played herself, this sketch might have qualified as adorkable. But she was stuck slumming it as homeless chic icon Mary-Kate Olsen instead, with Abby Elliot playing a version of Zooey that was less adorkable than super annoying. We always dig Wiig's dead-on Björk impersonation, though.

1. Patio Party
So, was the main joke in this sketch seeing how many times the writers could make Wiig and Deschanel say "crab" in those terrible Southern accents? If so, mission accomplished we guess. But by the end of this overlong sketch, we were as annoyed with the whole thing as the poor guests at that crabless crab fest.

One the other hand we had an easy winner for the night's most adorkable sketch, another installment of one of our favorite recurring sketches Les Jeunes de Paris, this one featuring an actual Frenchman -- and this year's likely Best Actor Oscar winner -- Jean Dujardin. The actor revived his Artist persona George Valentin and joined the rest of the cast (along with special guest star Joan of Arc) in a spirited black-and-white dance number. Consider us swept off our feet.




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