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Saturday Night Live: Play It Loud!

by Ethan Alter April 9, 2012 12:53 pm
<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: Play It Loud!

Was it just us or was the volume on Saturday night's Saturday Night Live turned up to 11? It wasn't just host Sofia Vergara -- whose general approach to comedy on both SNL and Modern Family seems to be to YELL EVERY PUNCHLINE -- the entire cast was noticeably shouty. As it turned out though, the loudness mostly enhanced the comedy. Here were the night's noisiest (and funniest) skits.

Bein' Quirky With Zooey Deschanel
Abby Elliott's impression of the New Girl star is pretty adorkable in and of itself and Kristen Wiig killed it with her Drew Barrymore (who directed her in the under-seen roller derby movie Whip It a few years ago -- it's a good movie folks, so seek it out). But both were blown away, both in terms of volume and laughs, by Vergara's adenoidal Fran Drescher. When is she guesting on Happily Divorced?

The Manuel Ortiz Show
Not usually one of our favorite recurring sketches, this edition of The Manuel Ortiz Show was actually pretty great, from Vergara's emotional reunion with her jailbird Mom (Wiig) -- in prison for shoplifting a couch from Raymour & Flanigan -- to the revelation that Mommy Dearest has been sex-Skyping with her daughter's husband (the indispensible Bill Hader, who we really hope doesn't follow Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg out the door when his contract is up next year). We even grew to like that annoying theme music that was blasted over and over and over again.

Watch What Happens Live
Taran Killam's Andy Cohen impression wasn't exactly spot-on, but the digs at late night's most random chat show were sharp ("As a reminder, the show is live so anything can happen, but don't worry... nothing will"). And considering how many screaming matches have broken out on WWHL over the course of its existence, the shrillness of Cohen and his guests was entirely accurate and appropriate.

Hunger Games Reporter
While it was kind of strange that they saved arguably the night's funniest and most timely sketch for last, at least it sent the evening out on a high note and more than made up for the entirely unnecessary and unwarranted return of Gilly. We could just watch a clip of Vergara, yelling "Boom, Hunger Gaaaaaaames!" on an endless loop.

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