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<I>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Sketches We Turned Our Chairs Around For

Maroon 5 frontman, The Voice host and American Horror Story murder victim Adam Levine tried his hand at sketch comedy over the weekend as a Saturday Night Live host. How'd he do? Well, let's just say he shouldn't quit his day job anytime soon... whatever that happens to be this week. (At least the writers clearly realized his limitations, writing around him as much as humanly possible.) Despite the night's overall suckitude, there were a few bits that worked. Here are the sketches we would have turned our big red plush chairs around for.

The Opening Monologue
In an amusing, if blatantly obvious, way of sparing the inexperienced Levine from having to carry the traditional monologue, the SNL team enlisted three comedy ringers -- Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld (Adam's heterosexual life partner, Blake Shelton, must have been too busy, you know, recording music to take the fourth chair) -- to tempt him into joining their teams, Voice-style. Levine doffing his shirt at the end of the skit proved to be his most applause-worthy punchline all evening.

The Sopranos Diaries
Umm... we kinda already had the idea for an '80s-set Sopranos prequel, albeit without the high school setting. On the other hand, our pitch didn't include Kate McKinnon's scary-good Edie Falco impression or Levine as a surprisingly credible Big Pussy. We'd rather watch this show than another episode of The Carrie Diaries.

Levine's hosting gig almost single-handedly justified its existence by reuniting the Lonely Island crew for one more Digital Short. And while "YOLO" (short for "You Only Live Once") was no "Dick in the Box" or "Captain Jack Sparrow," it was nice to see the guys back together again (with special guest Danny McBride). Not surprisingly, Levine seemed more at ease singing backup here than he did in any of the live sketches.

Okay, so Levine can't do comedy. Like, at all. But he was perfectly cast as Catfish's self-absorbed, stick-in-the-mud host Nev. If you've never seen the series, you probably sat there stone-faced throughout this send-up. But since we can't bring ourselves to miss an episode, we appreciated the way the writers spoofed all of the show's ridiculous touches, from Nev's self-satisfaction at being able to run Google Image searches to the constant presence of his ambiguously gay cameraman pal Max.

On the other hand, we kept our back to the night's two worst sketches, both of which trafficked in painfully unfunny gay stereotypes and gave Levine literally nothing to do. Let's hope the writers try slightly harder with Justin Bieber in two weeks.

Circle Work

Firehouse Incident

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