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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Celebrity Cameos We Wish We Had Seen

It's been some time since Vince Vaughn has actually been in a movie that anybody gave a damn about, so seeing him hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend was kind of like falling down the rabbit hole and emerging in the year 2005, when Wedding Crashers was the biggest thing in comedy. Not coincidentally, Vaughn's newest movie, The Internship (due in theaters in June) re-teams him with his now similarly irrelevant Crashers co-star, Owen Wilson, who surprisingly didn't stop by for a cameo appearance. In fact, there were no special guest stars at all, leaving Vaughn to be one of the few hosts this season who has had to carry the show all by his lonesome. And boy did he really suck at it. You know, as much as the stunt cameo thing can hurt SNL, this week's crop of sketches were so clunky and painfully protracted, they would actually have benefitted from a celebrity drive-by or two if only to liven things up and distract from the host's clearly disinterested presence. Here were the Vaughn-centric sketches most in need of a celebrity cameo.

Opening Monologue
Suggested Celebrity Cameo: Owen Wilson and/or Ben Stiller
Vaughn's awkward show-opening monologue set the tone for the night, dragging on endlessly as the actor got all audience participatory, forcing people in the crowd to interact with him. Now, had one of those people been a ringer like Wilson or even Stiller -- who starred opposite Vaughn in last year's bomb, The Watch -- you might have seen some actual comedy generated. Instead, this amounted to little more than Vaughn badgering the audience for what felt like 15 minutes.

The Weather Channel
Suggested Celebrity Cameo: James Franco
Chalk this up to a case of good idea, lousy execution. The set-up is promising: What would happen if the Weather Channel tried to increase its viewership by launching its very own scripted soap opera series? But the premise exhausted itself after the first minute, in large part because Kate McKinnon was the only one who really had the soap opera acting style down pat. Which is why the timing would have been ripe for Franco sighting; after all, he's actually been on a soap and could have brought some of that first-hand experience to bear.

Short Term Memory Loss Theater
Suggested Celebrity Cameo: Guy Pearce
This skit about a theatrical performance where the entire cast was made up of people with short-term memory loss was something of an anomaly for the evening in that it was actually pretty funny and just long enough. Still, it's a shame that Lorne Michaels wasn't able to hook Guy Pearce into putting in a guest appearance. (And it's not like the dude is in hibernation -- he's starring in Iron Man 3, which is coming out any day now.) Leaving the star of Memento out of a skit about Leonard's particular affliction is just unconscionable.

Junior Prom
Suggested Celebrity Cameo: Freddie Highmore
Hands up anyone who understood what the hell the joke of this sketch was supposed to be. Was Vaughn doing a riff on his version of Norman Bates from Gus Van Sant's Psycho remake? Because that's the only way that the "recluse in the house on the hill" made sense to us. And if that was the case, it seems only fitting that current Norman, Freddie Highmore -- who plays a young version of the future psycho on A&E's Bates Motel -- would be one of the junior high school kids Vaughn danced with. But if this wasn't an elaborate Psycho gag, that we're back to having no idea what the skit was actually about or why anyone thought it would be funny.

Roundball Rock
Suggested Celebrity Cameo: John Tesh
Is the actual John Tesh really so busy that he couldn't have stopped by to play one of the NBC executives (or, even better, his fake brother) in this utterly random riff on his self-penned NBA on NBC theme song? Seems like a no-brainer to us...

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