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<I>Combat Hospital</I>: Really Just Another Shonda Rhimes Show?

If you watched the Combat Hospital premiere (or even just saw the promo), you may have had a strange feeling that you were watching the cancelled Shonda Rhimes vehicle Off the Map, except in a war zone. That's because you were! But actually, Combat Hospital isn't a Shonda show at all. But it's got all of the elements, and not just of Off the Map -- we noticed striking similarities to Grey's and Private Practice.

Neurotic, over-achieving female lead
Combat Hospital: Rebecca Kincaid
Grey's Anatomy: Meredith Grey
Off the Map: Lily Brenner
Private Practice: Addison Montgomery

Sex-obsessed doctor who would obviously get fired on his first day for sexual harassment (but he does have a heart of gold!)
Combat Hospital: Simon Hill
Grey's Anatomy: Alex Karev, Mark Sloan
Off the Map: Tommy Fuller

Completely unusual circumstances
Combat Hospital: In a war zone
Off the Map: In a third-world country
Grey's Anatomy: Bomb attached to girl, shooter, ferry crash
Private Practice: A baby gets cut out of someone

Wise, no-nonsense older mentor with a gravelly voice who repeats platitudes like "Nothing prepared you for this place"
Combat Hospital: Colonel Xavier Marks
Grey's Anatomy: Chief Richard Webber
Off the Map: Otis Cole

Harmless Best Guy Friend who chokes under pressure during surgery
Combat Hospital: Bobby Trang
Grey's Anatomy: George O'Malley

Sleep-deprived doctors, who bitch about how sleep-deprived they are all the time
Combat Hospital
Grey's Anatomy
Off the Map
Private Practice

Female characters with relationships that ended in dramatic and/or tragic fashions
Combat Hospital: Rebecca Kincaid and nameless ex-fiancé who left her at the altar and possibly pregnant
Off the Map: Lily Brenner and nameless dead fiancé, whom she lost in an accident she blames herself for
Private Practice: Naomi Bennett and William White, who had ALS and was dying when her best friend and husband decided to hook up.
Grey's Anatomy: Izzie Stevens gets engaged to a sick patient, Denny Duquette, and then he dies, Cristina Yang leaves Preston Burke at the altar.

Language barriers:
Combat Hospital
Off the Map

Former Degrassi cast member having seizures in the pilot episode
Eehhhh...just Combat Hospital.

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