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<I>Wilfred</I>: Five Reasons You Should Be Watching the Summer’s Weirdest Comedy

FX debuted Wilfred last week (it's an Americanized version of an Australian show), and while the program has one of the oddest premises, its charm is undeniable. The first episode was a lot of set up: man meets dog, man sees the dog as grown Australian man in a dog costume, man and dog smoke a lot of pot and get in a lot of trouble together. You know, the usual. But after having seen several more episodes in advance, I'm happy to report that the series only gets more and more out there as well as wildly entertaining. Here are the five reasons you should be watching, if you aren't already:

It's Weird
If you enjoy a show like Community, where bizarre things happen and pop culture references come fast and furious, then this might be the summer series for you. Ryan (Elijah Wood) and Wilfred (Jason Gann) have an entire conversation about their love of Matt Damon (particularly his dimples) in an upcoming episode, and at one point seemingly out of nowhere, Wilfred tells a horrifying story about his early days as a puppy (it involves a burlap bag). You just never know what's going to happen next. It doesn't really matter at all why Ryan sees Wilfred as he does and frankly, where else are you going to see a man in a dog suit smoking pot? Plushie conventions?

It's Laugh Out Loud Funny
There are few comedies that actually make me audibly chortle at my desk here at work. Out of consideration for those around me, I usually have to watch Parks & Recreation in the comfort of my own home - and Wilfred might be next on my list. As much as I resisted it during the first episode, there were utterly bizarre moments that cracked me up. Besides, I'm really like a ten-year-old boy, so watching the man/dog lick his owner (who sees him as a real dog) while making sexual faces just never gets old.

It's Very Crude
Not only are there riveting discussions about dog balls, porn and strippers to be had, there's also some flat-out gross scatological humor. Ordinarily that's not my cup of tea, but somehow, disgusting commentary about sexual matters and poop jokes don't seem quite as terrible coming out of the mouth of a pooch with an Aussie accent. And after that scene in Bridesmaids in the bathroom, I'm getting desensitized.

They Do Very Bad Things
Wilfred is not exactly man's best friend. He's sort of man's best wing man, except when he isn't. And he's man's best scapegoat, except when he plants man's wallet at the home of a sociopath. He's mostly around to peer-pressure Ryan into going far, far outside of his comfort zone and to act as his therapist of sorts. A therapist who may lie for his own personal gains, but a therapist nonetheless. He also encourages Ryan to do drugs, steal and avoid work at all costs. He's all kinds of bad influences rolled up into one cuddly suit.

There's a Great Cast
In addition to the show's stars, there's also a bunch of other famous faces who have appeared (or will be appearing), including Ethan Suplee, Chris Klein, Ed Helms, Rashida Jones and Mary Steenburgen. But the most credit should go to Wood and Gann, who just really go for it with their performances.

Bonus: The End Tags
For me, some of the best moments in the show come at the very end when Wilfred and Ryan just sit around having random conversations about the sort of things one would talk about stoned. Like the proper way to handle Play-Doh, for instance. Way funnier than most of the "stoned" scenes on That '70s Show.

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