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<I>I Just Want My Pants Back</i>: Kids Say The Dirtiest Things

First and foremost, if you hate hipsters, this is not the show for you. This isn't a Portlandia situation where you can enjoy the humor through the hipster pretense... this is like trying to watch Jersey Shore if you truly despise gorilla juiceheads.

If you found yourself hooked on My Life as Liz but wasn't a fan of the format (amongst other things), or were sorely disappointed by MTV's ill-fated U.S. version of Skins, I'd recommend I Just Want My Pants Back to you. Sure, it's got its fair share of cringe-inducing catchphrases that try way too hard to walk the line between "ironic" and "funny" and just end up being "completely douchey," but there's a real story happening in the show, as well as a mostly likable cast.

Now, that's not to say I can stomach most of the lines delivered by Peter Vack, who plays our quintessential young post-college Brooklynite Jason Strider, or love any of the forced dirtiness that Tina (Kim Shaw) spews. The two may definitely have some strong chemistry between them, but beyond that, I found myself mostly just wanting to watch a show between their friends Eric (Jordan Carlos) and Stacey (Elisabeth Hower). I can only sit through entitled hipsters complain about their sex lives for so long, whereas I'm totally down with dorky, good-looking graduate/med students balancing work and play. Fortunately, when combined, all four actors are fun to watch and their dialogue seems way less obnoxious than when it's just Strider by himself, trying to hit on drunk girls at parties using gross pick-up lines -- and then actually sleeping with them. Were Strider an honest-to-God actual loser who can't get chicks, his character would be way more likable. Instead, he's kind of unbearable, especially when he complains the next day about a girl he... you know what, I'm not even going to describe that nasty thumb-injuring scene.

To be fair, though, I do love that the gang's version of Central Perk (if you will) is just a crappy bodega that they all live near, where they regularly congregate to talk about how hung over they are. That's just plain accurate. I'd also say the story and plot are way more gripping than the characters themselves, and I think they're that main reasons I'll probably stick with this show... mostly because I'm a sucker for premises that involve chasing a person you met for one night who then mysteriously vanished (I blame Serendipity). Besides, something's got to hold me over until Awkward. comes back, right?

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