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Justified: The Lost Alumnus of the Week

by Rachel Stein February 22, 2012 6:00 am
<i>Justified</i>: The <I>Lost</i> Alumnus of the Week

I've been playing with the idea of turning this column into a running list of the most adorable lines uttered by Raylan each week. Sure, the sixth episode's "When the Guns Come Out" didn't involve our marshal equating anyone to being cute as a bed full of kittens, but there was the hilarious line where Raylan told Winona: "I saw that Kenny Chesney on your computer, I figured you were capable of anything."

Otherwise, I cannot bring myself to possibly care about this expecting couple's relationship. What Justified does best is blur the line between heroes and villains, setting up complex overarching storylines and writing dark, violent scenes -- let's just say constructing a heart-wrenching will-they-won't-they relationship between Raylan and Winona isn't the writers' forte. As much as I like the idea of learning about Raylan's personal life, Winona cannot compete with all of the other extremely strong characters battling for screen time on this show. Even though she serves as Raylan's Achilles' heel, I have no interest in their relationship. Though I do like that Charlie framed her to make her look as stupid as possible.

In more central plot news, we're got hillbillies fixing for Oxy and turf to sell that Oxy -- including the cameo of our Lostie of the Week, William Mapother -- a.k.a Ethan, and in the case of Justified, Delory the idiotic prostitute-beating pimp. There's a little too much going on right now as far as this Oxy war in concerned for me to weigh in on exactly how I feel about Quarles, Boyd and the Limehouse gang past the observation of, "Wow, this is all really intense!" -- except for maybe, "Holy crap, can Quarles possibly get any scarier?!" It was sad to see idiot Arlo talking to dead Helen (may she rest in peace), but sometimes Justified gets so bogged down in its intensity that it's almost hard to follow.

My favorite part of this episode, by far, was seeing Ava cross paths with her former high school middle school peer. In that conversation, we learned that women in Harlan County have one of a few options: become illiterate prostitutes or become a leader in a dangerous drug war. We know which way Mags Bennett decided to go (and how well that eventually worked out for her), and it seems like Ava is starting to follow a similar path. And she is freaking bad-ass doing it.

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