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Justified: The Loophole of the Week

by Rachel Stein February 29, 2012 6:00 am
<I>Justified</i>: The Loophole of the Week

Between this show and Homeland, I'm starting to really hate the FBI. They're a bunch of wimps going by the book while the CIA and U.S. Marshals are actually taking care of business! Don't you have anything better to do, feebs?

"The Man Behind the Curtain" had a lot of fun with corrupt officers, the people who pay them and the law-abiding constables who refuse money from those people. It's nice to see Quarles learn more about Raylan and his complex relationship with Boyd (who "swallowed a peanut the wrong way!"). But it's even better to watch Raylan attest to his innocence when he's clearly emotionally invested in the entirety of Harlan County. Everything about Raylan digging up dirt on Quarles was highly entertaining and I give the Loophole of the Week badge to the Marshal for finding out the glorified Oxy dispensary was within 200 feet of a piano teacher. That's just plain great.

Of course, it's interesting to see Quarles take lots of extremely evil, big-toothed albino-looking son of a bitch baby steps to running the show and becoming that "Man Behind the Curtain" he so desperately wants to be. It's intriguing that he's got daddy issues of sorts, and that he's willing to slap a grown son of a mobster in public. If that post-bribe bust on Bar Boyd and its illegal lottery machines and locked doors wasn't the best "Shut it down!" moment I've seen on TV, it certainly helped me hate Quarles a lot more. It's also responsible for the developing election storyline, and -- more awesomely -- bringing back sad-sack Gary "Walter Parks" Hawkins, who is definitely still down in the dumps about Winona.

Speaking of depressing people, lonely Arlo sure is lonely, isn't he? I say he goes to the bar Raylan's sleeping over at and knocks back J├Ągerbombs with those nice young ladies -- or at the very least, take mad ninja skill lessons from his son.

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