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Is There Any Hope for <i>Weeds</i> Season 8?

I think I was so angry after watching the Season 7 finale of Weeds that I missed a few plot points that set up this season... or maybe I hated them so much, I wanted to just reimagine them. It's hard to tell. But now that the show is back for an eighth and final installment, the "should that have been the series finale?" predicament is over and we're left with a final 13 episodes to close out the series. Much as I'm hoping Weeds goes out on a high note, there were definitely moments in last night's "Messy" that made me think that Jenji Kohan could finish the show either way. As it stands now, there are solid reasons on both sides on the coin for whether or not Weeds will go out gracefully:

Pro: The Theme Song
I'll 'fess up to the fact that when I heard "Little Boxes" again, I sat up in my chair a little bit. It felt like a return to our old show, one that was charming, dark and playful. The animation was cute, too.
On the Other Hand: The pictures began at the end of Season 3, when Nancy torched the Agrestic house, thereby skipping the best three seasons of the whole damn series -- then again, we can maybe assume that this was meant for everyone who stopped watching after the third season finale, and that the pictures of the Renmar, Mexico and roadtrip seasons were to get everyone sped up. At least they didn't draw in the flash mob, right?

Con: Doug Groping Comatose Nancy
The very fact that Kevin Nealon is still on Weeds is cause for alarm, and watching Doug's long scene alone with medically-subdued Nancy and her breasts was one of the most cringe-worthy moments in the series' history. And that's saying a lot.
On the Other Hand: He got kicked out of the hospital, so this won't be happening again, probably... too bad it was because of stealing food from the neighbor's gift baskets and not for being the worst character on the show.

Pro: We Know the Shooter
No time jumps, no tricks, no nothin': We picked up right where we left off at Nancy's shooting -- a highly appreciated move on the writers' part. Even better, we learned by the end of the episode that Tim Scottson, Nancy's dead ex-husband/DEA Agent Peter's son, was the shooter. Like I mentioned about the theme song, I have a feeling that of all Nancy's enemies, the show decided to bring back someone from Weeds' heyday so that old viewers could jump right in.
On the Other Hand: How are they going to drag this out for another 12 episodes? It might take the Botwin crew a while to figure out who the killer was, especially if Nancy is dead (though, as Jill delicately put it, "She's not gonna die... because there is no God").

Con: The Vagina Weight
Do I need to go into detail about this? It was fun when Jill and Andy hooked up a few season back, but after several "epiphanies" and clearly no personal growth, Andy's sexcapades aren't as cute as they used to be.
On the Other Hand: This is better than Andy hooking up with Nancy, and Andy's interactions with the rabbi were fun -- after all, Weeds has always been really good with crafting wacky Jewish characters. Oh, and I like Jill's daughters and I thought Stevie was cute enough... but really, a vagina weight?

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