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<I>Saturday Night Live</i>: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Highlights

Joseph Gordon-Levitt returned to host Saturday Night Live for the second time, and while it wasn't the most consistent episode, the sketches featuring the loveable host tended to be the best. Of course, there were a few exceptions, like Kate McKinnon's Beyonce-loving Ann Romney during Weekend Update. Here are some of this week's strongest sketches, all brought to you by the charming smile of Jo Go-Lev.

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt Monologue"
Magic Mike may not be quite as topical now as it was this summer, but it was well worth the wait to see Gordon-Levitt bust out his own Tatum-esque moves. Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam and the double-vested Bobby Moynihan made for some great backup dancers too, though Gordon-Levitt hoarded most of the attention.
This video isn't available, but you can check out the .gifs

"Tres Equis I & II"
SNL's take on the easily mock-able Dos Equis commercials was pretty inspired. When something's been a meme for months, it hard to find a new take, but Gordon-Levitt as the bitter jackass "son of the most interesting man in the world" was hilarious. It was only made better by Jason Sudeiekis's appearance as the most interesting man himself. Even in the commercial-heavy episode, both parts of "Tres Equis" were the clear standouts.

Gordon-Levitt's overly cheesy, sequined jacket-wearing hypnotist was funny and had a great accent, but Taran Killam was really the star in this well-edited sketch. If SNL wants a good season, there should be as much Killiam as possible. Last season his role gradually grew, and now he deserves to be a real star.

"The Finer Things"
Before you skip past it, this sketch had some good moments. Kenan Thompson's enthusiastic fashion-lover was good, but the whole sketch would've been better if he was joined by Pharoah in a Kanye West impression instead of a vaguely similar fake character. But it was funny in how accurate it was, minus Gordon-Levitt's over-the-top J Thrilla character. Still, it ended on a high note, thanks to some street-approved wine glass charms.

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