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<I>New Girl</i>: Roommate Do’s and Don’ts of the Week

The "Menzies" episode was a bit like riding an emotional rollercoaster, the problem being that the laughter peaked and waned depending on the storyline. The stuff with CeCe was great, Nick and the old man was fantastic, Schmidt's new boss has some potential that we hope to see play out over her two additional episodes and we're thrilled that Jess got a job. But there were jokes that fell flat and mostly we'd just be grateful to never hear any one of the roommates mention PMS again.

The Do's
- Nick's irrational anger at doors that pull and not push.
- Little Nick at the lemonade stand: "You're some no-good shysters."
- Every single thing to do with Nick and the elderly man on the park bench --particularly "I like your hat. I like how there's not a team or a logo, it's just blue" and "You want to see me jump really high?"
- Schmidt on the phone with the gas company.
- Schmidt on his new boss: "Robby, there's a fine line between sexual harassment and something awesome."
- The Fifty Shades of Grey contract: "Guaranteed mercury poisoning."
- CeCe's reaction to being considered the nicest: "Nobody thinks I'm a nice girl. I'm the mistake."
- Schmidt's well-placed fat joke: "I would never run away from you... but if I did, I'd run way faster than Robby."
- Schmidt's feelings for CeCe: "I will never stop wanting to kiss you, I am a monster."
- Nick getting water massage by the strange old man: "I am a huge baby."
- Nick's idea of being comforting: "Want me to get you a sanitary napkin?"
- Schmidt: "I'm a depraved freak and I want to wander into your Narnia of sexual terror and emerge like a freshly birthed calf."
- "Jump Around" being played to celebrate the gas being turned back on.
- Jess finally getting a job, though not sure teaching creative writing to adults can fully support rent and other bills, but whatever.
- Schmidt's sexy dream name: Moises Perdue
- Carla Gugino not knowing how to tie Schmidt up.
The Don'ts
- Nick's overacting of calling Jess a ninny.
- Winston finally gets a storyline with Jess, and it is about sympathy PMS.
- Jess's PMS-induced Ken doll speech.
- Jess crying uncontrollably during the middle of a job interview.
- Jess uttering these words: "I was sabotaged by my baby box."
- Winston crying and rolling around with irrational outbursts. Even his admission that it was about Shelby and then taking some water massage couldn't salvage this.
- "Men can't get their periods. Where would they put the tampons?"
- Don't drag Judy into this: "It's like a character in a Judy Blume novel."
- The inept drum roll during the gas turn on.

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