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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best of Anne Hathaway

It's hard to follow Louis C.K.'s hosting debut on SNL, and while Anne Hathaway couldn't quite top him, her third time was still a success. She was a team player, and except for one particularly great sketch (we'll get to that later), she let the regular cast stand out, giving some of its newest members more screen time than usual (looking at you, Aidy). There's no better proof than her monologue, which besides showing that she really does have the voice to star in Les Miserables, was more of a fun ensemble performance -- except, doesn't The Lonely Island own Sundays? Still, after a weak cold open, Hathaway lifted our spirits and brought enough entertaining sketches to distract us from whatever was going on with Rihanna.

If last season didn't confirm this enough, than these past few weeks have really shown that anytime Taran Killam is on camera, you're guaranteed a laugh. Similar to Bruno Mars' delightfully weird "Sad Mouse," but not all the way there quality-wise, "Mokiki" was a random digital short that only worked because of Killam. Everyone may be worried about Jason Sudeikis leaving right now and Bill Hader is still hilarious, but Killam deserves MVP credit much more often. Just join in his sloppy swish already.

This was probably the most talked about sketch of the night, and deservedly so. From the moment those black and white credits began, it was clear what was happening. Between this and last week's Homeland shout out during the Bloomberg cold open, at least one of the SNL writers must be a fan. Hathaway's chin-trembling, overly emotional, corkboard-loving Carrie was spot-on, and Hader did a great devout Saul. Of course no Homeland spoof could be complete without everyone's least favorite daughter.

"Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle"
In an episode with much less political material than you'd expect a few days after the election, Drunk Uncle was a welcome presence. His complete inability to string together a coherent sentence and Bobby Moynihan's great facial expressions always make for a welcome break from whatever else is going on during "Weekend Update." He may not have gone to electoral college, but this week Drunk Uncle brought up some good points; after all, what could make Election Day better than seeing people with canes and monocles going into the voting booth?

"New Claritin"
SNL found a way to insult people with gluten and other popular food allergies without really bullying them too much. This "Flaritin" commercial instead made fun of anyone who might exaggerate their ailments, while mocking the stupidity of most allergy medicine commercials. The Flaritin users spinning with outstretched arms as Hader's voice described the drug could have easily been a real commercial, even if most of the allergies aren't.

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