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Modern Family: Many Bad Ideas

by Rachel Stein December 13, 2012 10:53 am
<I>Modern Family</i>: Many Bad Ideas

"Diamond in the Rough" isn't what I'd call "funny" or "very good at all," but it did involve a fun storyline that we haven't seen before (at least as far as I can tell) in the dangers of group texting. I also like that the show addressed the fact that Mitchell is stuck being the scapegoat for basically everything, gave much-needed props to Claire (who we just named one of TV's Most Valuable Performers) and handed four of our main players a nice big project for the rest of the season with this house-flipping business. Other than that, we've got Jay and Gloria fighting about how bad Gloria's voice is (wasn't there an episode like this with pretty much the same conceit where she did karaoke?) and Luke and Manny exchanging awkward-but-sometimes-amusing lines to one another. I honestly don't think this episodes deserves much more of a breakdown beyond a few funny lines, so here they are, presented with minimal commentary.

"I know it's underhanded, but that's the way I throw."
Jesse Tyler Ferguson's line delivery wasn't great here, but it was cute enough to mention. Also, the scene where Mitch evilly stroked Larry the Cat like a Bond villain, and then cut to Phil sitting on a piano for that classic act-break music was fun, if not reminiscent of the same kind of gag we saw a few episodes ago in "Yard Sale."

"How are you gonna cheerlead your way out of this one, Buffy?"
Obviously one of the greatest lines in Modern Family history.

"That's the funny thing about marriage. You fall in love with this extraordinary person, and over time they begin to seem ordinary... I think it's all the nagging."
It really was a cute baseball field. There were other funny little quips around the reveal of Claire and Mitch's project -- Phil's "diamond in the rough" comment, Mitch saying it is perfect except for that bump in the middle (the pitcher's mound) -- but this one was my favorite, most likely because Ty Burrell's timing was perfect.

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