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Modern Family: The Best Lines of a Bad Episode

by Rachel Stein February 28, 2013 10:33 am
<i>Modern Family</i>: The Best Lines of a Bad Episode

When did Modern Family start regularly making tasteless jokes at the expense of Asian people? The writers have always felt just a bit too comfortable making off-color jokes about gay people -- tonight, we got Elizabeth Bank's Sal delivering a quick line about Mitch and Cam's sex life ("Oh, well, this is a mystery solved," when Mitch was on Cam's back) -- but the jokes about bad drivers and serving cats for dinner seem relatively new, no?

But I digress. There were parts of "Best Men" that I did enjoy. Even though it was heavy handed, I though Sal's shotgun marriage had a fun buildup and a good payoff, and I loved where Claire and Haley's storyline went. This is now the second episode in the past few weeks where we got to hear the real-life singing voice of a Dunphy kid, and Alex's revealing her pipes was just as fun as when Luke showcased his.

I could do without Manny and his further blossoming misogyny -- next he'll be telling us all how nice of a guy he is, and doesn't that mean he's entitled to all of womankind? -- and Jay and Gloria, too, for that matter. The writers seem completely out of ideas for those two, which is just shocking that there's not more to say after four and a half seasons of gags about how old he is and how hot she is. Now that the show finally went ahead and whipped out her breasts, I really have no idea what else they're going to do with the power couple.

Anyway, let's get to the funny stuff:

"Phil almost ate a candle!"
Again, Jay reprimanding Gloria for breastfeeding didn't work for me, but I would have wanted to see Phil choke down a candle. His storyline wasn't horrible (though it was too yukk-y for my taste), but this still would have been more enjoyable, and would have prevented us from hearing Luke say (albeit falsely) that he was looking at porn.

"And Phil gave me that analogy."
Claire describing her kids like rockets to the moon was cute, and made ten times better by how proud Phil was of his metaphor. I also liked watching Claire court Haley, and Phil making fun of her for it.

"Look, I'm an artist, I'm free. I used to have an earring up here."
I wish Modern Family had more clever lines like this -- I'm thinking it may have been written by one of the newer writers, since it's not exactly the style of joke we typically see here.

"Kids don't eat dinner."
"What do you mean, you don't eat dinner? What do you do?"
"I don't know, you just walk around and jump off stuff."

The premise here was a repeat of that time Cam coached Manny into asking out one of his classmates, but whatever, this was a great exchange. Did anyone else notice the camera lighting reflecting off of Luke's framed pictures? It drove me a little crazy.

"That was so good! If I didn't know you, I'd be all like, 'That chick is cool!'"
Cool Alex is my favorite, especially because it allows for new premises for the Dunphy ladies. I love how horrified Haley was.

"I don't like you."
"I'll get over it."

Credit where credit is due: Lily and Sal snarking at each other in the tag was probably the best part of the episode.

Don't feel like watching the whole episode? Get "Just the Jokes" here, a segment I will constantly need to point out feels like a jab at the writers!

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