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Modern Family: The Best Lines of the Night

by Rachel Stein April 11, 2013 10:21 am
<I>Modern Family</i>:  The Best Lines of the Night

"Flip Flop" really wasn't so bad. I don't entirely understand why the conceit of the plots were "women intimidate each other and constantly feel inadequate," and "gay men are serious about buying houses," but whatever, both storylines were entertaining enough, I laughed out loud at the reveal of Workaholics' Anders Holm as the cool put-together young man interested in settling down (since his character on that show is the polar opposite) and it's always fun to see where Rob Riggle (who played Gil Thorp) is going to pop up on TV next. The two-month time jump bothered me since baby Joe did not age (good thing he was huge to begin with), but on the bright side, the house drama is over and we got a nice callback to Barkley. Here are the best lines of the night, since I am actively trying not to be the biggest grouch ever about this show, I swear:

"This is not even garbage! They wouldn't take it! It's too big for the can!"
Best Gloria moment of the episode, for sure.

He went to college at a place called 'mit.'"
"It's MIT."
"I know how to spell it."

I just really wish the writers let the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo reference be a bit more subtle, since that would have been really funny if it wasn't hammered over our heads.

"You know what I had for lunch? I had half a granola bar! And I can't button my pants!"
Anyone else think Trish (Paget Brewster) looked a lot like future Alex from last week?

"Oh dis doggie door would be perfect for your dog."
Nice line reading, and the only actual joke that made me audibly laugh. Yay!

And here's "Just the Jokes," which actually captures a lot of little funny moments that weren't exactly lines but definitely fun and sitcom-y. It's Phil-heavy, which is appropriate, though it is missing the interaction where Cam is excited to make a Barbie Dream House pun but doesn't have the time to do it.

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