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<i>Modern Family</i>: The Best Lines of the Night

Modern Family does well with backstories -- especially when it includes adding insult to injury. "My Hero" may have had a contrived and predictable framing device with Manny's school assignment, (though I like that Luke had the same essay to write) and the Phil-Gloria subplot was pretty much a huge waste until its genuinely hilarious conclusion, but it was a solidly funny and sweet episode. I credit that in no small part thanks to the writers getting the entire ensemble of "jumpy Protestants" together in a believable way (even Cousin Pete!) and to Eric Stonestreet's physical comedy. Before we get to the highlights, I do want to point out that Happy Endings had a similar storyline in its recent Season 3 (and perhaps series) finale this past Friday, "Brothas & Sisters." If you enjoyed "My Hero," I definitely recommended giving that episode a whirl -- you don't need much context going into it, either. Now, let's get to it:

"It might have been my own hair, but Jay was so happy that I didn't say anything."
It feels like the writers are working extra hard to give Gloria good material, and it shows. Up until this point of the episode -- especially when it started with Cam talking about how wonderful the PRIUS brand of automobile is -- I was extremely pessimistic, but the energy radiating from Ed O'Neill quelled my fears. Plus, I'm down with the idea of Claire going back to work and sharing more scenes Jay, and I laughed at him calling Manny "Hugh Hef-Nerd," obviously.

"Really? You don't think they've targeted you as a must-have recruit?"
Alex and Haley did not disappoint last night, even if their arc ended on a cheesier note than I would have hoped.

"Always room at my table for my darling nieces."
If there's one thing I love more than Modern Family putting Manny and Luke in the same class, it's when Manny reminds us that he's technically Jay's stepson and not grandson. I'm an easy target.

"I bet you're counting the days, you perv!"
The best line in the "Cam's jealous of Teddy" build-up saga.

"No... and super no."
Julie Bowen was great behind the snack bar because of course she was.

"And when you two started up, everyone thought, 'Well... there it is.'"
Hot tip: If you're looking for a way to make your episode especially sweet, have Jay say something kind about Mitch's struggles as a gay man. Works every time... not that I'm complaining -- though I will take this last moment to say that Haley said it was a Saturday night when she got to the roller rink, but when Gloria and Phil practiced skating outside, it was broad daylight. C'mon!

As usual, here are "Just the Jokes" according to someone who liked the episode a little less than me, I think:

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