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Modern Family: Be Our Guest

by Angel Cohn October 24, 2013 10:29 am
<I>Modern Family</I>:  Be Our Guest

Even though "The Help" was chock full of guest stars (Fred Willard, Adam DeVine, Nathan Lane and Peri Gilpin), all those familiar faces didn't really help to make it a fantastic episode. Sure there were some laugh-out-loud moments, but those all came from the regular crew. While there were great bits of dialogue, the plotlines in general left us a little cold. All we know for sure is that whoever is responsible for the Lily stuff lately really deserves a raise.

Headbanging Lily
She had about one line during the episode, but the bumper was her trying to study while her fathers and Pepper were doing their wedding planning. Seeing her silently bang her head into the table was absolutely pitch perfect.

The New Manny
Speaking of Pitch Perfect (sorry, couldn't resist), Adam DeVine has signed on for a few episodes as the new Manny. Sadly, even though there was a funny moment where original Manny was worried, this doesn't mean we will actually get rid of the old Manny. We're stuck with him. But DeVine seems to be a nanny/personal trainer/therapist all rolled into one bundle of bouncy brightness. The storyline to get him into the Pritchett household was annoying and predictable (Gloria loved him; Jay and Manny hated him) but we're hoping that it pays off in the long run.

The Big Gay Wedding
Cam and Mitchell are arguing about when they should have the wedding, and all the other nitpicky details involved, made me wonder how these two ever agreed on anything. Can you just imagine the discussions they had about adopting Lily? (That is not an invitation for a flashback episode, show). So they enlisted the help of Pepper and Ronaldo to makeover their ceremony and reception. But Pepper was fried from doing so many of these events now that gay marriage is legal in the state, so they nearly stole his assistant Ronaldo in order to get their dream day. That is, until Ronaldo confessed his love for his boss, immediately stopping Pepper's knife-wielding threats. The moment that made this whole scenario worth it for me was when Ronaldo kept speaking and translating himself so that it sounded repetitious. When Mitch threw his hands up and said he gave up, I actually chuckled.

Grandpa Gets a Prostitute
The less said here the better. Fred Willard broke up with that perfect woman in Florida and moved into the Dunphy home where Alex and Haley are screaming at each other (even though they seemed to have been amenable lately), so Jay and Phil took him to a bar to meet women. The next morning, it turns out he spent the night with someone in the basement, but she's a hooker (Peri Gilpin). What a terrible idea all around.

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