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Modern Family: Better Late Than Never?

by Angel Cohn October 17, 2013 11:27 am
<I>Modern Family</I>: Better Late Than Never?

Is this a sign of how the whole season is going to go? One decent episode followed by one that we'd like to entirely forget? Because if that's the plan, we'd like to just opt out of watching every other week. "The Late Show" was so terrible, that we'd like to not only skip, but also erase from our brains all of the storylines that involved adults in any way shape or form. We've seen infinitely funnier attempts at trying to get swanky food -- from Seinfeld's waiting game at the Chinese restaurant to the recent New Girl where Winston staked out seats while everyone else was having screaming fights.

Skip: The Drunk Cow
If Jay really wanted the delicious meat that came from a cow that had been plied with a lot of wine, why would he ever have invited his kids? It just seemed like a disaster from the beginning and wasn't at all redeemed by the taco truck where they all sat around awkwardly singing.

Skip: Phil in the Skinny Suit
Phil splurged on a skinny suit to impress his wife and was offended that she was too busy to care. Boo hoo. It might have been tolerable, but paired with Claire freaking out about leaving Luke home alone in her shrill and panicky way, it turned into a great big fight and made the outfit all the more unnecessary.

Keep: Lily and Alex
Lily has really found her groove where she doles off these great one-liners in total deadpan. No pulling cutesy faces like those Olsen twins on Full House. Her take downs of Alex and Little Women were spot-on, and we liked Alex finally giving in and letting a child fix her hair and makeup. We'd actually be OK with seeing more of this awkward dynamic in the future.

Skip: Gloria Getting Ready
Know what's not funny? A comedy from this decade that is still playing with the idea that women can't be on time for things because they are constantly late getting their hair and makeup done. We thought we were done with this stereotypical nonsense. It would have been more funny if Jay were the one who was late or if he hadn't lost his temper about the whole thing.

Keep: Luke Home Alone
Because Claire went nuts and filled Luke with terrible thoughts about pizza delivery boys and other threats in the house, Luke went all Kevin McCallister and sabotaged the house against possible intruders. Seeing Claire get pelted with the paint gun was one of the few chuckles we had this week.

Skip: Whatever the Hell that Soda Nonsense Between Mitch and Cam Was
They wore the same suit. So they decided the best way to deal with this was to sabotage each other. Seeing these two constantly take each other down and fight about the wedding planning (even though we'd established a few weeks ago that Cam actually needed Mitch's help), really makes it difficult to enjoy when they are sweet to each other.

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