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<I>Modern Family</I>: Farm Livin’ Is the Life For Me

There was actually some fairly entertaining stuff in "ClosetCon '13," aside from the titular ClosetCon itself. It still seemed like there was just one too many plots crammed into this show, but that seems an inevitable fact now that the kids are getting older, so we're just going to try our best to get over it. If they keep parodying famous movies/events (i.e. last week's cop drama, this week's space trip), we're more likely to forgive them.

Claire and Jay Go to ClosetCon
There's a skeleton in the closet and then they revealed their hidden secrets? Really? Could they be any more obvious? The "joke" about straightening up around grandma later was less clunky than this entire plot. Bringing up old crap about how Jay hated Phil and how Claire tried to get Gloria deported just seems so dated at this point and not even remotely funny. And there's only so many corny closet jokes a person can handle.

Alex and Haley Do Some Hairography
We really do like it when the sisters drive each other crazy, and we don't get to see that often enough. Watching as they vied for the attention of a pizza boy was pretty fun, and the person writing their banter last night about why the pizza boy loved them really hit it out of the park. It was spot-on dialogue for these two, only briefly interrupted by a few sage comments from Gloria.

Phil Goes to the Moon
"Houston. We have a situation." This entire Apollo 13 parody was great. Down to Phil discovering Jay's secret model closet to Fred Willard helping via Skype to everyone glued to their screens to see if the last bit of glue reattaching would be a success. It was clever and cute and charmed our cynical little hearts. Also, it brought out the goofiness in Phil that we've been missing for a while.

Mitchell and Cam Get Their Green Acres On
Maybe the best these two have been since they've gotten engaged? We were skeptical when we saw a cranky Mitchell belittling Cam's accent and pig calling skills, but the second he put on the overalls and decided to go along with placating Cam's grandma instead of making a huge issue, we wanted to reach through the TV and give him a big hug. Seeing Cam's face as Mitchell went on about raising Lily on his own was some fine acting. The whole situation with the judgmental grandma seemed very real and not overly cartoon-y, which we really appreciate. Also, more of Lily in those cute pigtails running around would always be welcome.




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