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Modern Family: Get Your Head in the Game

by Angel Cohn December 5, 2013 11:54 am
<I>Modern Family</I>: Get Your Head in the Game

We've been excited to see more of Cam's football coaching since the topic was introduced at the beginning of the season, but we've been given just tiny glimpses of it since then. So we were excited for "The Big Game" and while the Cam stuff was pretty good, the rest of the episode could have used some motivational speaking.

Lily and Gloria
There's been no secret that we've been loving Lily lately, girl has really come into her own, but pairing Lily and Gloria didn't do Lily any favors. Instead of elevating them both, Lily got sucked into a plot to kiss a boy and then started going around school yelling at kids again, instead of using her clever quick wit to win over the pre-school set, thanks to Gloria's terrible advice. If Lily wants boy advice, she should stick to asking her dads.

Alex, Haley and Dylan
I actually enjoyed this dynamic, since Alex and Haley didn't spend the entire time randomly deciding that they hated each other. Haley has buckled down on her studies, much to Alex's surprise, and much to our surprise Dylan also has become a responsible nursing student. Sure, Haley and Dylan make out under the bleachers for old times sake, but it works that they are too busy to go sneaking out late at night. And having Haley change the graffiti to read Alex Dunphy DoMe (pronounced Do Me, not dome) was sweet.

Winner of the night! He was the best at announcing the football game and making biting comments about the guys who clearly must pick on him for being scorekeeper instead of playing. (I guess he can only be good at soccer?) We'd let him give the play-by-play of pretty much anything.

He was in a realty slump and made a ridiculous fool of himself with a lot of physical pratfalls (which none of his family was around to witness/make fun of) all so he could prove that optimism is great, or something. A heavy-handed lesson and stupid, physical humor? Nope. Not this week, Phil.

Mitchell and His Boss
Mitchell got a new job offer and is trying to find a way to tell the eccentric Mr. Bingham that he's quitting, but he keeps getting nervous. Charlie had just broken up with his girlfriend (who subsequently took their floating boat of a home to parts unknown) and wanted to go to Cam's football game to experience the fresh air and the marching band music. It was OK, and seeing Claire encourage her brother (in that sisterly taunting way) was nicely juxtaposed with the Alex/Haley sibling relationship. And Phil got his house sold, to Charlie, but Mitch quit his job. Maybe Mr. Bingham can hire Lily? She has excellent phone skills and experience in his office.

Claire and Jay
Even though it's been months since Claire started working for her dad, it still seems like they are only in the first week. She's trying to get him to stop covering up her mistakes. So to prove his point that she needs him sometimes, he lets her destroy an entire warehouse full of closets. Seriously, if we paid money and those came dented because some lunatic couldn't admit she was wrong and caused a domino effect, we'd make sure out refund came out of her wallet.

Cam and Manny
Cam was trying to be the first newbie coach to score three wins in his first season, and he was in his cutthroat cam mode. Unfortunately the other team's coach died and Manny tried to have some sympathy for his opponents who wanted a win for their dead leader. It was stupid plot-wise, but awkwardly endearing to watch. And Manny being incompetent when he tries to screw up was a nice twist on the whole football hero ending.




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