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Modern Family: Get Out of Jail Free Card

by Angel Cohn January 9, 2014 10:40 am
<I>Modern Family</I>: Get Out of Jail Free Card

Maybe we're still on a sugar high from all of the holiday cookies, but "And One to Grow On" felt like it hit just the right notes (well, mostly). It didn't exactly knock it out of the park in the comedy department, but it did really nail the family dynamic. Maybe we were just happy to see Adam DeVine again? In any case, here are the best and worst parts of the episode.

Phil and Luke's Jailhouse Rock
Phil really wanted to pass along his love of dancing (we never really saw him pushing Haley and Alex to dance, but we're just going to presume that happened in the pre-televised era). And Luke really played the disgruntled teen to a tee, which is nice because he's often relegated to the mildly annoying brother or the generally willing participant. To see Luke grow a pair, so to speak, was a promising development. But the laughs really came from Phil when he was hauled off to jail because of Haley's unpaid parking tickets. Luke taking pictures of his dad being dragged off to "solitary" was the single funniest moment of the entire episode, followed closely by Phil's expression when he was put in the backseat of the squad car. But we could have lived without the masturbation/dance joke in the final scene.

Claire and the Pillow
Claire was super annoying in this episode and one of the weaker spots. We wouldn't have minded if she had just pawned off Alex's driving lessons to Haley or had not been able to find Phil's secret stash, but both just seemed like two much. The show seems like it can't decide if it wants her to be confident and together or disinterested and scatterbrained. Sure, Phil's hiding places were ridiculous, but if she'd just called her dad for the $1,600, we're betting Phil's jail time could have been drastically reduced.

Jay, Joe and Andy and the First Words
Happy to have Andy back in the picture, since he actually really works well in the Pritchett family dynamic, and we love that Jay always seems slightly jealous of him, like with Joe calling Andy "dada." It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, but it hit a realistic note that all parents who have their babies in childcare can relate to.

Haley the Smooth Talker
She's such a con artist, deftly turning the subject matter around when she was in trouble by hitting everyone's known soft spots. It's an impressive feat that she's so easily learned to manipulate not only her immediate family, but also her extended family as well.

Manny, Gloria and Awkward Romances
Ugh. Having Lily crush on Manny almost made us lose our goodwill towards this episode. After all the progress they've made with Lily this season, now we're stuck with this annoyance. And how many times exactly are we going to have to suffer through Manny having an interest in a girl who is totally out of his league and Gloria saying that he's just so sweet. We're about as over it as Jay was, and while the show may have advocated patience in these scenarios, we at home don't really care to sit around and wait for this to pay off.

Cam, Mitch and the Super Sweet Sixteen
The fight about not committing seemed forced to go along with the Manny scenario, but the rest of their scenes were spot-on. The two of them finding a venue for their wedding, losing it and then plotting to trick 16-year-olds in order to have their dream day was pretty great. They really do make a great team, even when they are bickering about boys and who was right with all the attitude of a teenage girl. It was fun and playful and we'll take scheming Cam any day.




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