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<i>SNL</i> Celebrates Mother’s Day and Stale Osama Jokes

We love Tina Fey. There's just something about her that makes us willing to sit through lukewarm movies like Baby Mama or even pick up a book. And watching 30 Rock for some reason makes us remember her time as SNL's head writer as actually being funny. So the moment we heard she and her unborn child were going to host this week we were stoked. Thankfully, even with higher expectations, this weekend's episode wasn't any more of a disappointment than usual (mostly because of the special appearances by other former SNL cast members Maya Rudolph and Darrell Hammond). Here's the best and worst of this week's sketches:

Worst: Osama's Will (Cold Open)
How does one ruin a perfectly good joke about a Dakota Fanning lookalike? This sketch has given the American people one more reason to be happy that bin Laden is dead: no more SNL parodies of his video messages.

Best: Bedelia: Sleepover
It's a good thing that Tina Fey doesn't show up that often to play Bedelia's mom, otherwise the character might get too annoying. As it is, there's just something delightful about the idea that dry shaving might be cool to someone.

Worst: GOP Debate
Maybe this is more of a comment on real life, but every joke in this sketch felt like it was a few years old.

Best: Mermaid
The writers' room must have been so pleased with themselves for coming up with the idea of the little mermaid finding bin Laden's body that they forgot to actually write any jokes into the sketch. At least there's a conspiracy theorist manta ray drinking Fanta.

Worst: Mother's Message Monologue
What might have been a fun, if forgettable monologue that let Maya Rudolph show just how much more pregnant she is than Tina Fey very quickly turns into an even more forgettable song. Also, singing fetuses.

Worst: Birthing Class
New Agers. They sure are gross, aren't they? Isn't it just so funny to see white people grossed out by their antics? Oh, I guess not.

Best: Pregnant in Heels
Sometimes it's hard to tell where the SNL sketch ends and the real show begins. Of course, unless you actually watch Bravo, this sketch probably just seems like yet another way for them to have fun with Tina Fey's pregnancy.

Worst: Jack Sparrow
The Lonely Island boys did right by letting Michael Bolton sing about his love of Pirates of the Caribbean. They didn't do so well in making sure that the song ended before the joke stopped being funny, though.

Worst: Discount Prom Wear
If only we could just hold an autographed photo of Julie Chen up over every sketch this week.

Unfortunately, Bill Hader couldn't keep it together during what could have been a particularly funny Stefon this week. Which were your favorites and least favorites? Let us know below!

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