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Ben Affleck’s Keith Olbermann Impression: How We’ll Always Remember <I>Countdown</i>

During last Friday's Countdown with Keith Olbermann telecast, Olbermann abruptly announced that, after eight years his show was ending that night, as was his relationship with MSNBC. Nobody knows exactly what happened there or why (yet), and I'm in no position to speculate. I will, however, miss the show and Olbermann's over-the-top, ridiculously entertaining and yes, sometimes even insightful, comments on how horrifying all the people in this world are. So I've decided to eulogize Countdown the best way I know how -- with a look back at Ben Affleck's reactionary, egomaniacal, awesome cat-lover version on SNL.

Watch, and remember why one co-op board's ban on beauty queen and cat Miss Precious Perfect is worse than Jim Crow Laws, The Trail of Tears and Mitt Romney.

And here's the real Keith Olbermann's farewell announcement. Less rageful than you'd think. Surprisingly, he can rein it in when he wants to.

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