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TWoP 10: Olympic Spin-Offs We Want to See

The Olympics are almost over and we're a little let down and wondering what to do with all our spare time. So we'd like to propose these dream reality shows that would focus on some of the breakout stars of the London 2012 games, keeping the summer Olympic spirit alive for us during the long four-year wait for Rio.

Olympic Showdown: John McEnroe vs. Ryan Seacrest

In the run-up to the Olympics, there was much hype about Ryan Seacrest joining the broadcast team and bringing something new to the coverage. He hasn't. But in a surprise twist, the person who has conducted interesting interviews has been John McEnroe. Who would have expected that the former temperamental tennis pro would have such a knack for interviewing Olympians?

London 2012 Olympics: The Opening Ceremonies Are Having A Laugh

It's hard to imagine any opening ceremony in my lifetime living up to the overwhelming spectacle that was at the Beijing Olympics. Just the sheer magnitude of what they were able to do was mindboggling. That said, while London didn't take my breath away with its big displays, it actually really impressed me by adding a lot of humor to an event that is usually dreadfully serious and filled with tradition. Sure, director Danny Boyle infused the 2012 opening with the proper amount of history (and a tribute to the National Health Service), but it was the quirkier moments that will still be talked about when it is Rio's turn to wow the world in 2016. Here are our favorite moments of the night:

TWoP 10: Reasons You Should Watch the Olympics

by Angel Cohn July 27, 2012 6:06 am
TWoP 10: Reasons You Should Watch the Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics finally kick off in London tonight with a massive opening ceremony, but the spectacle of the interpretive dancing and fireworks isn't the only part of this two-week sporting extravaganza that's worth watching. Even if you don't know Usain Bolt from Michael Phelps, here are plenty of reasons to tune in:

Ice Dancing: Not Only Boring, But Also Offensive!

While I love all Olympic sports, I have to admit that ever since I was a little girl, I've loved figure skating (yeah, shocker). However, I've never really succumbed to the allure of ice dancing. It's to figure skating what trampolining is to gymnastics. It's sort of in the same family of sport, but doesn't seem quite as challenging (not that I could do any of the aforementioned without breaking my neck). Nevertheless, I've ended up watching a lot of it this week because the network executives seem to think that it merits a lion's share of primetime real estate. And while I'm sure it has its fans, I'd much rather be watching luge or any of the eight other sports that barely get covered.

Winter Olympics 2010: What's Wrong With the TV Coverage

I know that there have been a lot of complaints all over the blogosphere about the tape delay (especially for the West Coasters) used for the Olympics, and even though I don't necessarily agree with the logic used to defend it, it seems futile to keep beating that dead horse. They aren't going to change it, so I just deal with it by avoiding the local news, Twitter updates or Internet sport sites until late at night. However, I do have some other issues with the telecasts, particularly during primetime, that are really starting to take some of the joy out of the Winter Games for me.

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies: Way to Botch the Ending, Guys

As I noted in my preview for this ceremony, there was really no way that this could ever compare to the overwhelming spectacle that was the Beijing Olympics. That was evident right off the bat when instead of giant footprint-shaped fireworks (fake or not) leading up to the venue, we get a snowboarder busting through the Olympic rings. Still impressive in its own right, but lacking the big wow factor. But I'm not going to spend too much time quibbling, especially considering that Bob Coastas at one point said that Vancouver's budget was about $30-40 million dollars compared to the $300-400 million that Beijing spent. And this is the Winter Olympics, which is traditionally smaller in scale anyway. So instead I'm going to focus on how they spent their cash and if it was worth it....

TV Shows That Should Sponsor Winter Olympic Sports

by Angel Cohn November 12, 2009 1:20 pm
TV Shows That Should Sponsor Winter Olympic Sports

It was recently announced that Stephen Colbert would be sponsoring the U.S. speedskating team, which is actually a pretty cool thing, since "Colbert Nation" will be emblazoned on the U.S. team's legs as they skate around the track. Advertising! We're surprised that other television shows haven't thought of this, so we've come up with suggestions for how they can hop onto this Winter Games bandwagon. It could be just like NASCAR, but better!

Synchronized Running… What Will 30 Rock Think of Next?

I never thought I'd relate so well to 30 Rock's Kenneth, but his devotion to the sportsmanship of the Olympics and his fear of SpongeBob SquarePants rang true (It's that laugh. It's creepy.). I spent the better part of two weeks watching and writing about the good, bad and bizarre sporting events that make up the Olympics and I always kinda thought that some of those sports were a little fishy. Like water polo? Totally can't be real. Kenneth discovers that Women's Soccer isn't real either... which I'd always suspected. Anyway, the genius that is Jack Donaghy and the folks at Scheinhardt Wig Company created faux Olympic sports in order to boost the American spirit and win more medals. Yay, good sportsmanship.

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Phelps Plunges Into Sketch Comedy Pool

by Angel Cohn August 28, 2008 9:46 am
Phelps Plunges Into Sketch Comedy Pool

Awesome news. Just when I'd run out of excuses to keep writing about the Olympics. Michael Phelps swoops in and saves the day. (Thank you, Michael!) Hot off of his record-breaking performance at the Olympics, swimmer Phelps has been tapped to host the season opener of Saturday Night Live. I'm thinking I might need to find some excuse to work in the office (here at 30 Rock) on Saturday, September 13th so that I can stalk catch a glimpse of the golden boy. Personally, I love when sports stars host SNL. I don't expect them to be funny, so I'm always pleasantly surprised if they are. Plus, its nice seeing the athletes, who are usually so dead serious during their competitions, loosen up a little bit.



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