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Synchronized Running… What Will <i>30 Rock</I> Think of Next?

I never thought I'd relate so well to 30 Rock's Kenneth, but his devotion to the sportsmanship of the Olympics and his fear of SpongeBob SquarePants rang true (It's that laugh. It's creepy.). I spent the better part of two weeks watching and writing about the good, bad and bizarre sporting events that make up the Olympics and I always kinda thought that some of those sports were a little fishy. Like water polo? Totally can't be real. Kenneth discovers that Women's Soccer isn't real either... which I'd always suspected. Anyway, the genius that is Jack Donaghy and the folks at Scheinhardt Wig Company created faux Olympic sports in order to boost the American spirit and win more medals. Yay, good sportsmanship.

But I laughed out loud when Tyler Brody, Olympic Tetherball silver medalist, came in to Jack's office and threatened to blow the roof off the scam of Tetherball, Synchronized Running and Octuples Tennis. Then I sadly realized that I would probably watch those sports. Especially Octuples Tennis. That looks like more fun controlled chaos than team rhythmic gymnastics. Check out the clip below to see these sports in action.

Actually, the entire episode was pretty damned funny. The Olympic junkie in me just gravitated towards this particular moment. But even Oprah (in all her stunt-casting glory) was used cleverly, and Jenna in blackface... so wrong, but so very right. And fake tween Oprah? She could give the real thing a run for her money. I don't know who that actress is, but I love her. Find her another job! Watch the full episode below. Laugh. Enjoy. Let us know what your favorite part was.

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