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TWoP 10: Olympic Spin-Offs We Want to See

The Olympics are almost over and we're a little let down and wondering what to do with all our spare time. So we'd like to propose these dream reality shows that would focus on some of the breakout stars of the London 2012 games, keeping the summer Olympic spirit alive for us during the long four-year wait for Rio.

10. Bolt by Bolt
A half-hour reality series where Usain Bolt just talks about himself and feeds into his own hype. If there's time left over, maybe he could show us how fast he can do various everyday tasks. But again, most of the show would be devoted to him talking about himself. Think of all the sponsorships that can be squeezed into one television screen.

9. Dressage for Success
Ann Romney's horse didn't win at dressage, but that doesn't mean that Rafalca should be shipped off to the glue factory. Instead, she is reportedly going to be used for breeding once her competitive career ends, so let's follow her as she becomes the horse version of Michelle Duggar.

8. Missy in Action
There's something utterly charming about young swimmer Missy Franklin. And every time we see shots of her in class, or hear that she's in an Anglophile club (where they talk in accents and have tea), we increasingly become convinced that she's totally adorkable. A docu-soap that follows her bizarrely weird high school life sounds perfect to us. And it's got to be more fun than watching Glee. Cheerio.

7. Ring My Bell
This would star Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins in a travelogue show (think Anthony Bourdain without all the eating), biking from town to town ringing random bells to relive his Olympic opening ceremony glory.

6. Gymnastics Moms (and Dads)
Starring Aly Raisman's parents, Gabby Douglas' mom and sister and Jordyn Weiber's mom. Let the parents of the Fab Five travel around, sit in the stands and look ridiculous. We are particularly looking forward to more people starting fights with Aly's dad, who is incapable of sitting in his seat, and to watching Jordyn's mom make a series of constipated-looking faces that we didn't know were possible.

5. Retired at 27
We're not convinced that Michael Phelps is actually done with competing as an Olympic swimmer, but since he seems hell-bent on perpetuating that story, we might as well follow the guy as he sits around trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life now that he has gobs of money and nothing but time on his hands. And maybe since his mom Debbie has her heart set on going to Rio, there could be a special segment in each show where she visits fabulous swimming pools around the globe.

4. What a Racket
The real star of the Olympics for us has been sportscaster John McEnroe. His interviews have been fun, and we can't get enough of him goofing around with athletes. We'd love a daily (or weekly) talk show where McEnroe goes out and interviews various people... with Shaun White as his special correspondent, of course. It's been eight years since his short-lived CNBC show, so let's give Johnny Mac another chance.

3. Bitter: Party of Two
We adore the McKayla is not impressed meme that pokes fun at gymnast McKayla Maroney's sourpuss expression when she was accepting her silver medal. So let's have the first loser (er... we mean runner-up) interview other famous also-rans to get their take on coming in second.

2. The Virgin Bachelorette
Given how much attention has been paid to Lolo Jones' sex appeal and virgin status, she seems an easy choice to be the next Bachelorette. Find her a bevy of guys, throw in a hot tub and it's a done deal. She's got to be more interesting than Emily, and we're sure she'll find a way to mention the virgin thing about 1,000 times an episode.

1. Bromance 2
We'd really love a sequel to Bromance, but instead of dudes competing to be Brody Jenner's best friend, they would instead vie to hang with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. We'd get to see more of his playboy lifestyle, frat boy friends, grillz and extensive shoe collection. And plenty more of his mom making excuses for the fact that her son sleeps around.

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