American Idol: Why Kris Will Win

by Angel Cohn May 18, 2009 2:46 pm
<i>American Idol</I>: Why Kris Will Win

I'm an Adam Lambert fan. I'm not even going to try and pretend I'm not. I love his voice, his style and think he just seems like a cool person. That said, I'm also hugely into musical theater and like my pop stars to be overly flamboyant. I was raised in a household with a lot of Queen and David Bowie. But even though Adam made it further than I could have hoped, I just think that it won't be enough to pull him through to take the title of American Idol (which really means nothing anyway, but that's a whole 'nother story). If it had been the predicted Lambert/Gokey showdown, I think Adam might have had a chance, but now that wild card Kris Allen is in the mix, I think that Kris has an excellent chance of going home with the title.

American Idol Q&A: Danny Gokey Gets Gone

by Angel Cohn May 18, 2009 1:37 pm
<I>American Idol</I> Q&A: Danny Gokey Gets Gone

It seemed a given that Danny Gokey was going to torture us with his boring stylings, ever-present glasses and heart gestures right up until the bitter end of American Idol, but the American public didn't agree and sent him packing last week. During a press conference call, Gokey talked incessantly about wanting to design a line of eyeglasses, or be a glasses model, and also about his charity and being inspiring and all that crap. That was all really boring though. Here are the slightly more interesting tidbits from the call.

<i>American Idol</i>: Allison, I Know this World Is Killing You…

Last week, the last girl on American Idol got voted off, leaving one awesome guy, one kinda-okay guy and Danny Gokey. (Bias! It's what's for dinner!) We listened in on Allison's exit interview to see what she had to say about going home, and how she and Adam traded styling tips.

How to Condense American Idol… A Lot

by Angel Cohn April 20, 2009 2:33 pm
How to Condense <I>American Idol</I>… A Lot

So it seems that the producers didn't listen to our plea/suggestions a few weeks ago on how to rein this show into its allotted time, and now they've had a few weeks of egregious overruns. This is truly unacceptable and unnecessary. We've got a solid plan to condense this entire series down. Way down. We're talking 15-minute performance nights and five-minute results nights. They could air some of their other actual shows in the remaining time, or just fill it with Ford/Coke commercials like they are wont to do anyway. That way, there'd be no pesky show to interfere with all the product placements.

American Idol: Scott McIntyre Stands Up

by Mindy Monez April 14, 2009 10:57 am
<i>American Idol</i>: Scott McIntyre Stands Up It's that time again! We hopped on a media call with last week's American Idol castoff Scott MacIntyre to see what's what about his departure, and all I can say is this: If you thought Scott was boring on the show, then you've never sat on a conference call with him for an hour. Oh man. This was rough. Because I love you all, I've managed to pull the least snoozy bits from the call and included them below. Enjoy? He kind of zings the judges at the end and he's absolutely right, so I guess that's something.

American Idol: Megan Joy Gets Gabby

by Angel Cohn April 6, 2009 3:42 pm
<I>American Idol</I>: Megan Joy Gets Gabby

After singing a Bob Marley song, telling Simon that his opinion didn't matter and flapping her wings across stage, Simon told Megan Joy Corkrey that if she didn't care about him, he didn't care about her and sent her packing. The oddball singer with the unique voice and strange affection for all things aviary talked to reporters on Thursday night about her experience on the show and what her hopes for the future are.

<i>American Idol:</i> Michael Sarver Ain’t Too Proud to Give Interviews

The man had one of the most dangerous jobs in America, and he wanted to be on American Idol? What does he have, a death wish? Former oil rigger Michael Sarver got voted off last week after singing "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," and while he won't be returning to the drilling platform any time soon, he did take some time to do a conference call with inquiring journalists who wanted to talk about Simon Cowell's damning comment the night before his elimination. Plus: Michael's basketball diaries, starring Anoop-dog.

<I>American Idol</I>: Dear Producers, Please Make Your Show End on Time

Dear American Idol producers,

I appreciate you trying to switch things up this season by adding in the judges' power of veto and all. It was exactly the thing you needed to do to get me to suffer through the needlessly long results show, which I only ever watched two minutes a week in seasons prior. (Although I do feel like I distinctly remember "shorter results shows" being part of the promised shake-ups this season.) But since I've already been conned into watching this hour, can you at least make it less painful? Seriously. And end it on time?

American Idol Q&A: Going Out with Alexis Grace

by Angel Cohn March 23, 2009 2:18 pm
<i>American Idol</I> Q&A: Going Out with Alexis Grace

Another week, another eliminated idol. This time though it was Alexis Grace, who the judges supposedly had pegged for the final four. Guess that didn't work out. Or they decided not to save her to make it so that people wouldn't think the whole show is rigged. Whatever. The little blonde girl with the pink highlights and the way too tiny outfits got sent packing... after the judges meanly told her they were considering saving her, and after Randy called her by the wrong name. Oh, good times. Below are the highlights of Allison's Alexis' press conference call.

<i>American Idol</i>: Bet You Can’t Guess Which Wild Card Winner’s Nickname is ‘White Chocolate’ The four wild card singers have been chosen, and I hopped onto a media call to hear Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Megan Corkrey and Matt Giraud do their best to avoid dishing Idol dirt and bashing the other contestants, when you know they're simply dying to do both. I know we've marveled at this here before, but my god, they turn these kids into media-trained monkeys so fast I wonder if there's some mindwipe technology secretly going on here. Thank god for Anoop, or I'd have died of boredom by the end of this weekly exercise in futility. I've done my best to scour the other people's answers for the most interesting quotes, but Anoop is at the end and that's probably the only part worth reading, as the mindwipe technology doesn't seem to be taking in his case for some reason.



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