Everything Else Is Just Business: Lance Reddick on the <i>Fringe</i> of Primetime

Viewers of The Wire know him only as Cedric Daniels, last seen beginning his career as a lawyer after resigning his position as Baltimore's police commissioner. Lost followers puzzle over his appearances as the mysterious "recruiter" Matthew Abaddon, seen intersecting with major characters at key moments in both flashbacks and fast-forwards. But this fall, Lance Reddick hopes fans of both shows rediscover him as yet another complex character: Agent Phillip Broyles of the Dept. of Homeland Security on Fringe, the new J.J. Abrams series airing on Fox. We caught up with the straight-shooting actor earlier this week at the New York premiere party for the show, where he spoke his mind about his past, present and future.

TWoP: It's not possible for any television show to be more critically acclaimed than The Wire, and yet it was almost entirely overlooked by the Emmys throughout its five seasons. How much does that bother you and your castmates?



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