Mad Fashion: Ace of Dresses

by Rachel Stein October 5, 2011 6:00 am
<i>Mad Fashion</i>: Ace of Dresses

Whether or not you saw Chris March's season of Project Runway -- the one where moment-haver Christian Siriano won -- if you watch Bravo or any red carpet pre-show special, you're probably familiar with either him or his work. He's an eccentric costume designer who has made looks for Meryl Streep, Beyonce Knowles and Cirque du Soleil, to name a few. His show, Mad Fashion may not be as interesting and provocative as his designs, but it is as pleasant as his personality.

Demystifying The Highly Complex A-List Awards

by Lauren Gitlin February 18, 2009 6:05 pm
Demystifying The Highly Complex A-List Awards

Wheeee! It's A-List Awards voting time again! As you might recall from last year, Bravo's one and only award show (known to TWOPpers as the Bravo Prom) is the premiere show in which things I actually care about get nominated and awarded. We're talking categories like Chef Who Does The Awesomest Things With Pork Products (a.k.a. A-List Chef) and -- literally -- A-List Kate, which is described as an award "Given to the Kate with the mostest" featuring nominees from Kate Moss to Katy Perry to Mary-Kate Olsen (yeah I guess they're pretty loose with their acceptance criteria). In sum: Best. Awards. Show. Ever. And as always, it's going to be hosted by everyone's favorite trash-talkin' redhead, Kathy Griffin. This fabulous beeswax will film April 5, but you can cast your vote now if you go to this place here. You've got 'till March 31. Conflicted about who to vote for? After the jump are the categories and nominees, along with my annotated picks. Because I love you.

Tim Gunn Confirms His Eternal Awesomeness

by Lauren Gitlin October 1, 2008 2:36 pm
Tim Gunn Confirms His Eternal Awesomeness Tomorrow night we'll be blessed with yet another forum in which to enjoy the darlingness of Tim Gunn, consummate gentleman, sartorial sage and all-around mensch. What I mean is that Tim Gunn's Guide to Style returns for another season, bravely ridding the world of schlumpy dressers and hot messes one woman at a time, with the aid of a high-tech machine called the Opti Tex (think a real life version of the Glaminator 11.0. This season, stylist and boutique-owner Gretta Monahan takes over for Veronica Webb as Tim's partner in crime, and the two let us nosy journalist types bombard them with all manner of questions about the upcoming season and the celebs and fashions they wish would take a long walk off a short pier. Here are the highlights:

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: It Ain't Just A Blur Song Anymore

by Lauren Gitlin September 29, 2008 5:03 pm
Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: It Ain't Just A Blur Song Anymore Like any good liberal arts college graduate, I've long been privy to the many advantages of having a gay boyfriend. I don't mean a guy that you're actually dating who turns out to prefer the pole to the hole. I'm talking about a partner in crime, that rare breed of man who's much happier to peruse the galleries of an exhibit featuring the work of the Wiener Werkestatte and then grab a leisurely brunch than to down a case of Natty Ice and spend the day watching football. A man who will answer you honestly when you ask if your ass looks fat in these jeans, who knows the difference between Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen, who always smells good, has eyebrows that are better manicured than yours and will eagerly share and listen to details of various romantic escapades with nary an eye roll or judgment as to your promiscuity. The gay boyfriend is a necessary part of any sophisticated woman's entourage, an accessory less expensive than a child or a toy poodle and infinitely more stylish, though possibly more high maintenance. A best gay is a status symbol for a certain caliber of upwardly mobile female, and as such, it would make sense that this storied relationship between a woman and her gay is the topic of an upcoming Bravo reality show, tentatively titled Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys.



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