Bad Robot; Good Toy

by Zach Oat August 4, 2008 12:37 pm
Bad Robot; Good Toy

In the consumer culture we inhabit, company spokesmen have long been elevated to the equal status alongside their legitimate cartoon and comic-book brethren. Captain Crunch, Ronald McDonald and the football-playing Fox Sports Robot are among the corporate shills who have been immortalized as action figures, hanging on racks alongside G.I. Joe and Spongebob for nostalgic reasons, kitsch factor or sheer coolness of design alone. And I think that's awesome. But we are about to enter a new age: the age of the TV production company mascot toy.

TWoP 10 Shows That Should Have Spinoffs

by Angel Cohn July 25, 2008 7:00 am
TWoP 10 Shows That Should Have Spinoffs

The Office teased us with the idea of a spinoff and then pulled the rug out from under us. We were so hoping it would involve the Intercourse, PA branch and have guest spots with Tobey (speaking of which, did you see that real-life Tobey got married recently? Mazel Tov!) and someone even weirder than Dwight. But alas, we're getting a new show with Amy Poehler from the people who made the U.S. version of The Office that really has nothing to do with The Office. Here's our wish list of shows that should get spinoffs, and some ideas for the writers... in case they're still struggling from writers' strike lag.

Dr. Horrible's Grand Entrance

by Mindy Monez July 15, 2008 2:08 pm
Dr. Horrible's Grand Entrance It's finally here! The first installment of Joss Whedon's online action musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, debuted last night, and oh, it was glorious! We couldn't get the official website to load over here, but fortunately it's also available (for the standard $1.99) on iTunes, so don't get discouraged if you can't watch it online.

The first act is indeed a lot of fun and it made me laugh out loud several times, but I do have one teensy complaint: despite the title, it is not a sing-along in the traditional sense. There are no lyrics on the screen with a bouncing dot, which, right or wrong is what I expected. But perhaps I'm too literal. Anyway, back to the fun stuff!

Second Coming Coming to Comic Con

by Tippi Blevins July 11, 2008 11:48 am
Second Coming Coming to Comic Con Have you ever seen those "WWJD?" bracelets or bumper stickers and wondered, "What would Jesus really do?" Well, at long last, I've found the answer to the question that has weighed on the minds of philosophers, theologians and crafty religious merchandisers alike. As it turns out, Jesus would go to Comic-Con. Jesus Christ, like many other superstars in "the biz", will be out promoting his movie at the multimedia convention in San Diego later this month.

Middleman: Better Than Middling

by Zach Oat June 18, 2008 5:02 pm
<I>Middleman</I>: Better Than Middling

I am highly skeptical of anything on ABC Family. While I have never actually watched an episode of Wildfire, something tells me I would not like it, because I am not a 13-year-old girl. Granted, there are a few syndicated shows there that I will admit to having watched in the past, but my point is that ABC Family shows are cute and family-friendly and more or less harmless. (Although as a parent I would look askance at certain episodes of Smallville.) So why the hell do I like The Middleman so much?

Daddy Dearest: Our Tribute to TV Fathers

by TWoP Staff June 13, 2008 1:56 pm
Daddy Dearest: Our Tribute to TV Fathers

When it comes to TV, there are way more fabulous and high-profile roles for moms and the poor dads get the short shrift. However, we spent minutes weeks hunting through Wikipedia and our collective minds the annals of television for the best and worst TV dads that we could remember. Well, at least these are the ones that left an indelible mark on us, and not with wire hangers or anything (though we may not put that past some of the dastardly daddies on our naughty list). So in honor of Father's Day, here's our slapped together long-awaited list in alphabetical order (because we just couldn't decide if Jack Bristow or Keith Mars would be the No. 1 perfect patriarch).

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