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<i>Parenthood</i>: The Best and Worst Braverman Pairings of “The Enchanting Mr. Knight”

Hey! It's Zachary Knighton! Better known as Dave from the beloved, but far too short-lived, Happy Endings! Sorry, I get excited about anything Happy Endings-related. Knighton is the latest addition to the Parenthood family playing a handsome (Adam's words), cool teacher named Mr. Knight who, much to the delight of Kristina and Adam, sees Max for the bright kid that he is. In fact, it was an all-around great week for Adam and Kristina: they found out Kristina is still cancer-free. I guess you could say it was a… happy ending. Well, it wasn't all happy endings for the Bravermans. (When is it ever?) There were far more vague endings (Hank and Sarah, Drew and Natalie, Julia and… Ed?!) in "The Enchanting Mr. Knight." So, with that, here are the best and worst Braverman pairings from last night's episode:

Best: Adam and Kristina
As much as I'm still not on board with We Made a School: Kristina and Adam Edition (I have a feeling this is going to be just as pointless as the whole running-for-mayor storyline), I am, like I mentioned, on board with Zachary Knighton's Mr. Knight. I don't know if he's actually going to take Adam and Kristina up on their offer to be a teacher at their charter school, but I'll enjoy it while he's around. Plus, I can't hate on Adam and Kristina, they got the awesome news after her six-month check-up that she's still cancer-free and when Adam and Kristina cry happy tears, we all do. Oh, and Adam also wore a Van Halen T-shirt last night and it was awesome.

Best: Drew and Amber
I could have easily put Drew and Natalie as one of tonight's Worsts, but I'd rather not focus on this confusing not-really-friends-without-benefits thing they have going on because Natalie gets on my goddamn nerves. Don't make Drew feel like the bad guy! You turned him down! You only want him around when he's pining after you! Natalie, you harlot! All right, sorry, I'm getting distracted, because Drew and Amber hung out a lot last night and it was awesome. Amber (or "Little Drew" as she's referred to by Drew's goofy roommate) was determined to get her brother back on his feet and even offered to go to a frat party with him at the far-too-late time of 10:30 in the evening. But, as is the case with all frat parties, it was kind of a disaster. Drew's roommate made a pass at a horrified Amber, while Drew got played by Natalie again. Natalie! ::shakes fist at the skies::

Best: Crosby and Camille
I like when Parenthood pairs off family members that aren't necessarily always paired together. Case in point: the rift between Camille and Crosby this week. Crosby was upset to see his childhood home get changed and prepped to be sold off by the snooty real estate agent Karen. In one of the most effective, realistic scenes this season, Crosby confronts his mother and tells her she's being selfish for going against the wishes of Zeek and the rest of the family. And, oh boy, did she let Crosby have it. Nobody makes you feel guiltier quicker than mom and Camille didn't hold back. "Most of my adult life was spent compromising myself and what I want for your father," she told him. "I always put myself second, or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth… when I assert one thing I want, you and your dad and everyone else can't take it." If Camille had a microphone, she would have dropped it right then and there. Crosby piping up causes a fight between Zeek and Camille (which he hilariously listened to through a vent), but in the end everything seemed pretty okay. In fact, Camille told Crosby and Jasmine they could continue to stay as long as they need. I know it's selfish of me to hope they don't move (especially for poor Camille) but, man, that house is great.

Worst: Sarah and Hank
Sarah, what the HELL are you doing? It would have been one thing if Sarah came to the realization on her own that going to Africa for a week with her handsome new doctor boyfriend was an impulsive decision and possibly a distracting one, but she didn't. She had a man (a very annoying man by the name of Hank) put that thought in her head. The conversation literally went: Hank, in terrible frog voice: "You always give in to what men want" and then Sarah gave in to what Hank wanted, which was for her not to go on her trip. Good grief. I mean, Sarah never deserved Karl in the first place, but I don't think Hank deserves to torture Sarah as much as he does. Karl, trust me, go off to Africa with your eight DVDs and forget all this ever happened. The rest of us will be stuck back here watching the worst Parenthood romance ever.

Worst: Julia and Ed
Oh boy, here comes trouble. And by trouble I mean Ed. Things are still super tense between Julia and Joel, so the timing could not be worse when she has to get teamed up with Ed again at school. Poor Julia spent the majority of the episode shutting down Ed's friendship advances and trying to trick children into believing they grew vegetables and dealing with Sidney (ugh, more on that in a bit). When Ed showed up at her house to apologize and offer a friendly ear, she blamed her split with Joel on him, to which he rightly told her, "If you think I'm the sole reason, you're kidding yourself… dig a little deeper." Julia realized he was right… and then showed up at his house with an apology dinner, which she eventually decided to eat with him. Seriously, did Sarah and Julia take the same crazy pills this week? Get it together, ladies.

Worst: Just Sidney and Sidney Alone
Sidney is just the worst. She's a Natalie in the making.

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