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<i>Parks and Recreation</I>:  This Is Not a Liam Neeson <I>Taken</I> Scenario

"Galentine's Day" (Part 2, technically) is the reason why I watch this show. I had a smile on my face throughout the entire episode and was pleased that they found a way to service every single character in one half hour, without sacrificing the funny. This one might end up in my top ten list of episodes, and not just because of Andy determining that he was "Goofus"… but that sure didn't hurt.

Leslie & Ann
Her Carrie Mathison wall of possible phone topics color-coded and categorized made me think that she could easily get a job in Homeland Security if only she put her mind to it. Also loved that she can't be friends with Ben because she wants to jump his bones. It was pretty adorable and, going along with last week, a nice way to address their lovey-dovey coupledom without having to always rely on romantic grand gestures. Anyway, Ann didn't call her at the appointed one to seven hour weekly phone call and Leslie jumped to Taken conclusions, before seeking out a replacement and finding out that Ann had her baby. Seeing her actually respecting Ann's privacy (somewhat) and giving up precious quality time so that Ann and baby Oliver could bond was rather a surprise, all things considered. And good for post-partum Ann for not thinking it was weird that Leslie was actively trying to replace her. It was nice to see Ann again in a small dose (and it's not surprising that Chris was off helping to deliver other babies), without it becoming the focus of the whole episode.

Ben, Tom, Larry and the Tents
Tom was fun with his hair-parting/fedora business theory, but for me the highlight of this tent negotiation was the developing friendship between Ben and Larry. Sure it's weird that Larry is secretly competent and has an odd self-awareness, but I'm willing to let the small quibbles about this development go to see Ben stand up for a person he believes in, even if it's likely to get him ostracized by his co-workers. And really, the immature side of me always appreciates a well-timed fart joke.

Ron and Andy
As a parent, I really related most to the things Ron Swanson misses now that he's a father: "Silence. The absence of noise. One single moment undisturbed by the sounds of a children's TV program called Doc McStuffins. There is no quiet anymore. There is only Doc McStuffins." Anyway, watching Andy upside down on the monkey bars was amazing, and then seeing Ron have to take care of the incompetent 30-year-old who finds Highlights magazine a little challenging and thinks there's a chance that there's a guy inside the ATM, really just made this subplot full of win. It gave fatherly Ron a new appreciation for actual small children, and well, Andy some time valuable lessons in tooth care (hint: the five-second rule does not apply).

Ultimate Battlefield of Female Friendship.
It's a women's-only marathon bonding session with tons of whipped cream -- but don't Google that if you know what's good for you. Leslie enlisted April and Donna, as well as Shawna (just back from a solo trip to Rome), Ethel (a woman who can sleep during brunch) and Evelyn (a.k.a. Fake Ann). Leslie rating her friends seemed like a Leslie thing to do. And while I'd love to see her help/befriend Shawna more (because I love that crazy trainwreck), it was good she realized that people don't need to be like Ann to be good friends and whatever. At least with April and Donna, they will totally call her out on her crazy… and give her creepy stuffed animals.

Donna's Best Things
It wasn't a whole plotline, but I love when this show reveals things about Donna… like that she takes frequent trips to Asia and has a hot tub. But the winner of the entire show was her taste in podcasts. Can I just say that I would listen the hell out of a Jaleel or No Deal podcast? Urkel reviewing Deal or No Deal episodes? Make it happen, Jaleel White. This is your calling. I had to pause the DVR to laugh for like ten minutes at the sheer ridiculousness of the concept, especially since it was paired with Donna's deadpan delivery.




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