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Trista and Ryan Getting a New Show? No. Just No.

Just when you thought that Speidi had replaced Trista and Ryan as the most opportunistic patently untalented pair of famewhores of the reality TV world, the former Bachelorette and her husband have come creeping back out of the woodwork like termites with the announcement that they've found a way to cash in on their upcoming second baby. They are stealing a page from the Tori Spelling playbook and working on a deal for a new reality show. For chrissake, I thought we were done hearing about these two, that they'd moved to some small town and were just living and working and being normal. I know it SEEMS like everyone has a reality show these days, but having a cameras trace your every move while you and your toddler son try to adjust to a new baby/sibling is NOT normal. It is the opposite or normal. It is abnormal and just plain wrong. Especially since they aren't remotely "real" celebrities and aren't having like seven kids or something, in which case it would be slightly better.

I hope some network executive vetoes this because based on the People story, there are things that I just couldn't care less about that I'm sure I'll be unable to avoid learning, like that "Trista is still battling nausea but is giving in to her cravings for Snickers bars, Ruffles and French onion dip." Information which only served to make me nauseous. Or this gem, "She lost her baby weight quickly after having Max, but it took a lot of sweat -- hitting the gym with a trainer plus taking supplements -- to get back to her pre-baby shape." I seriously, seriously can't even stomach this idea.

There's some talk about how they really don't want the spotlight because they are private people (bullshit!), but they need the cash to pay for their mortgage. Didn't their seemingly never-ending wedding special (which in reality was only three episodes but has left a horrifying scar on my brain) pay for their house? Or her turn on Dancing With the Stars? Sounds like someone needs a better financial planner instead of just clinging to the vain hope that the American public still remotely cares about dating show contestants from years ago.

What are your thoughts on Trista and Ryan's return to the airwaves? Horrifying or triumphant? Let us know.




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