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<I>Models of the Runway</I> Should Keep on Walking

There are more unnecessary half hours of television on, but I'm sort of hard pressed to name one today. Did someone really think that we were so vested in the model "competition" portion of Project Runway that we needed an entire thirty minutes devoted to it? Presumably, yes.

I, for one, couldn't care less, and I say that as someone who regularly watches America's Next Top Model AND Make Me a Supermodel. However, there's something about those shows that this blip on the radar is missing. The competitors on ANTM and MMAS actually control their own fate on their respective shows. If they do a good walk, or pose for stellar pictures, the judges like them and they get to stick around. On Models of the Runway the aspiring models have little to do with their continued existence on Runway. They are paired with a designer and if that person produces sucky designs, they are likely getting sent home. It's pretty much luck of the draw.

On the other hand, the whole drawing of designers' names out of a bag and then seeing them select which models they want to keep (most often the one that they had, unless she sucked, or someone else's was prettier) seems to be dealt with on this little program, hopefully meaning that it will cut that unnecessary five minutes or so out of the actual Project Runway. I'd be grateful for that.

But even with the girls all crying about getting picked or not (welcome to the world of modeling, ladies!) there's not much substance to this show. There's the winner (who did nothing except get paired with the winning designer) enjoying the perks of a prize, and then the grab bag elimination ceremony. The rest is just filler of the models walking around the house and speculating on their career and lives. Which, frankly, I don't really care about. I know it sounds mean, but I watch Runway for the clothes, not the models. So I'll probably be skipping this in the future.

Your thoughts? Were you just so happy to have more PR that you didn't care? Have you always wanted to see what the models were thinking, so therefore love this show? Sound off below.




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