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TWoP 10: Most Awful Reality Stars of the Spring

by Angel Cohn March 18, 2011 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Most Awful Reality Stars of the Spring

It's hard to believe that the reality TV genre can keep producing new personalities that are even more outrageous, annoying and/or disgusting than the last ones. But yet this spring alone has brought us another crop of folks we love to hate. Some of them are actually familiar faces we may have enjoyed watching in the past, while others are gifting us with their awfulness for the first time.

10. Richard Blais (Top Chef)
He's undeniably a fantastic and creative chef, and compared to some reality stars who have previously made our lists (we're looking at you, Kody Brown), he's positively saintly. But during his second stint on TC, he's come off as both arrogant and a sore loser. He may be the best chef there and Mike Isabella may have stolen his idea, but if it wasn't enough to complain about it to a producer, stop with the whining and try not to look so miserable about being in the finals yet again.

9. Alexandria (America's Next Top Model)
At first she seemed like a mother hen taking fledgling models under her wing, but she really just needed some time to show her true colors -- this girl has enough attitude to land her on the Bad Girls Club. So far, she's judged others for not wanting to throw away their college educations, complained about everything and anything to make-up people and photographers who are trying to do their jobs and has taken over the director's role when clearly she wasn't asked. Even a verbal spanking from Tyra was not enough to put this girl in her place.

8. Phillip (Survivor)
On the one hand, we sort of love the entertainment value that this Former Federal Agent? clad in pink undies provides. He's just ridiculous. On the other hand, we wouldn't actually want to be around him as he doesn't understand the concept of game play or social etiquette (or crab hunting, for that matter) and even the producers aren't entirely buying his back story. He's ruined alliances, made no friends and freaked out the other tribe by telling them about his ability to read people.

7. Peggy (The Real Housewives of The O.C.)
Peggy's trying really hard to be "a character" as quickly as possible, isn't she? In just a few minutes of screen time in her first two episodes we told us how hot she is about a dozen times, then we learned that she married for money (but for other things, too!). Add to that the fact that her main competition in this life is Alexis Bellino, which is about the saddest adversary a girl can set for herself, plus that whole shooting range stunt with her obnoxious "Hey! I'm blonde! I'm hot! I can double tap!" and we're beyond ready for her to stop acting and start making the other women look like fools like any Real Housewife worth her weight in Botox should.

6. Jennifer (Bad Girls Club)
This is the girl who informed us that Bergen County was the only worthwhile county in all of New Jersey, and that every other county (even the one right next door) is considered a lesser part of New Jersey, or as she quaintly calls it "dirty Jersey." She also monopolizes the house phone, is a sloppy drunk, starts fights constantly, complains about people being replacements when she is one herself, talks incessantly about her boyfriend and does it all in an insanely annoying voice that makes us want Nikki (or anyone) to punch her.

5. Brett and Cara (The Biggest Loser)
The Biggest Loser is apparently preparing for the loss of Jillian next season by adding these two new trainers to the mix, but neither of them have the clout or ability that Bob and Jillian have. Or the personality. Instead, they think they can get results by screaming a lot and forcing people to box. And maybe they can, but they also make us fast-forward every time they come on the screen. And we're still not sure how punching someone in the side repeatedly is exactly training, Cara.

4. Sammi and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)
Their on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again relationship was somewhat tolerable in Miami, especially since it brought out single Ronnie and was the impetus for the "note" that rocked the whole house, but now we're done with it. Completely. They are both total assholes. He's a testosterone-fueled jerk who acts abhorrently and tosses furniture and belongings around in fits of rage, while she's a self-absorbed, unconfident, clingy bitch who likes to play the victim so much that she's willing to keep putting herself in these terrible situations. They break up and make up on a weekly basis, and we're tired of this merry-go-round. Can we get off now?

3. Ron (The Amazing Race)
He was insufferable the first time he ran the race, basically belittling his daughter Christina at every opportunity, so we weren't thrilled when we heard he was returning. But we held out some hope that he would have watched his original season and learned from his mistakes. Didn't happen. Now he's taken to being a jerk to not only his offspring, but also to everyone else around him. He judged Mallory's lack of directional skills (when she actually knew where she was going), doubted a poor bystander who tried to help him (who actually was being helpful) and made stops for food during a race while screaming at his daughter for not going fast enough. Honor thy father? We wouldn't if we were Christina.

2. Dionne Warwick (Celebrity Apprentice)
Beloved music icon? Yes. Most hated Celebrity Apprentice contestant of the season? Hell yes. And we're talking about a season that contains Richard Hatch. Dionne Warwick is using her fame, status and age to get away with pushing everyone around, including but not limited to, taking credit for a children's book that wasn't actually entirely her idea. We expected a sweet old lady, and we got quite the opposite. Please find your way to San Jose, or anywhere else off our TV screens.

1. Emily and Brad (The Bachelor)
We were annoyed by the fact that Brad got a second chance to be The Bachelor in the first place, particularly since we had to sit through his therapy sessions, so to find out that his entire second season was essentially a waste of time and that this couple didn't even bother to have a pretend relationship like they're supposed to made us wild with rage. Emily might not want to marry a man with a temper, but she could at least have had the decency to either turn down his proposal, say her peace during After the Rose or play along with the sham in the tabloid magazines for a token amount of time. Instead, we're probably going to have to endure yet another special in which Brad pours his fake little heart out to Chris Harrison after their split is officially announced.

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