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Five Ways to Fix <i>The Glee Project</i> for Next Season

Well, that was a bummer. It's one thing to celebrate truly talented finalists and not eliminate anyone for say, a week (Top Chef All-Stars did it effectively), but to have two winners and two half-winners is just... I don't know, un-American. Un-entertaining. Un-freaking-fair for Hannah. And since it looks like there's probably going to be another season of The Glee Project, we're devoting the last of our energy for this show on coming up with ways to make it better next time around.

1. Get Better Judges
On both the talent and celebrity sides, the judges on this show were seriously lacking. How was vocal coach Nikki Anders not heavily involved in the judging process? She was obviously a thoughtful and perceptive person who spent a huge amount of time with each contestant, and singing is arguably the largest part of Glee. And we'd love to see a bigger role from each guest mentor, be it actual judging in last chance recitals, more screen-time in their one-on-one sessions or maybe even doing a duet with the winners of the homework assignment.

2. Add Twists
With the exception of the ridiculous conclusion, there were basically no twists whatsoever in this series. We're not asking for Big Brother-style bring-in-your-most-hated-relative kind of shockers. Just throw some kind of wrench into the works so that everything's not so monotonous every week.

3. Cast People Who Want to Be There
Though this is often inevitable on reality competitions -- hell, even Gia left Bachelor Pad -- it's no fun when your fan favorite leaves the show. Cameron's exit made it clear that Season Two needs kids who live and breathe Glee, and who actually understand that the show can be a little bit edgy.

4. Pick Something to Celebrate
Samuel won a role in seven episodes because he's got the "it factor" and he's indie cool, despite the fact that he isn't the best singer, actor or dancer. Damian is pretty terrible at all three, but he was awarded the same prize because of his personality and the mere fact that he was so bad at everything -- they called it "underdog" appeal. What is it that Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan are looking for, again? A second season of The Glee Project will be way more entertaining and comprehensible if its challenges are built around whatever that quality is instead of, you know, talent.

5. Choose One Winner
Or at least come up with good runner-up prizes, and then announce them sometime before the moment you award them. Jeez.

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