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TWoP 10: Reasons We’re Looking Forward to <I>Big Brother 14</I>

Another season of Big Brother is nearly upon us (it debuts next Thursday), and now that they've announced the new cast and this year's twist, we're starting to get excited ... and not just because The Bachelorette is boring us to tears this summer. We'll probably be disappointed by the 14th installment of BB about two weeks in, but for now, here's why there's still a glimmer of hope that this could be a good season.

10. Willie Hantz
We're very skeptical about the fact that there's going to be another Hantz on our TV, especially since CBS seems hell-bent on keeping the entire family employed. But that said, we're anticipating the look of horror on his fellow houseguests faces when Willie waltzes in the door and immediately starts acting angry and horrible. We would've preferred Brandon's father Shawn (who was a total jerk during his guest visit to Survivor), but apparently he's too busy flipping houses or something. We're sure that since Willie is Russell and Shawn's brother, he's cut from the same reality villain cloth.

9. Tacky Decor
Every year there's a new design, each year more meaningless and ugly than the last. Can wait for the randomly strewn IKEA objects, the presumed vibrant colors, the ever-changing cheap hotel look to the HoH room and, of course, the sad aquarium full of fish. And this season, producers promise something called "urban pop d├ęcor," which apparently includes toy robots and Godzillas.

8. Because So You Think You Can Dance Is Only Once Per Week
Our favorite summer reality show SYTYCD was cut back to one night, instead of two, and we're having trouble filling the void. At least Big Brother will ease the pain of our empty Thursdays, so maybe we can finally stop feeling compelled to watch The Choice just because Cat Deeley is on it.

7. Live Feeds to Help With Insomnia
Until the Olympics start later this month, we've got a lot of free late night hours to fill when we can't sleep. Watching the BB hamsters go about their daily activities in unedited-for-TV footage (read: dull), either on the live feeds or Big Brother After Dark is the perfect thing to lull us into a nice deep slumber.

6. It's Not the Revamped Love in the Wild...
... or Take Me Out or Miss Advised or Duets or any of the other mediocre shows that have been on this summer. In this case, even a bad season of the familiar Big Brother would be better than any of those shows.

5. Meeting New Houseguests
There are largely a new bunch of houseguests this year (excluding the "epic players" from previous seasons), which is a nice switch after last summer's unfair blend of returning contestants and newbies going head to head. New people to love to hate is always a good thing. And it seems from the cast reveal that there's a good mix of famewhores (including a Playboy model who has been on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a guy with bad hair who is an American Idol reject) as well as a chef (who may have the key to making slop tasty) as well as a former indie rocker. It's a strange blend.

4. Julie Chen's Outfits
The Chenbot and her wardrobe never fail to amuse us, from her ill-fitting pantsuits to her odd color choices. It's so much better than watching the Fashion Police.

3. The Twist Going Bad
The big "twist" this year is that they are unleashing four veteran players into the house who won't be playing the regular game, but instead will have their own agenda. It's unclear what they'll actually be doing, but we're hoping that the speculation that they'll serve as mentors turns out to be accurate -- we want to see them coach teams of players, Voice style. But no matter what ends up happening, we all know that these BB "twists" always fizzle out about two or three weeks into the season for one reason or another, so we'll just try to enjoy it while it lasts.

2. The Mentors
There's a rumor that Janelle (Season 6/All-Stars) might be making her way back, and since we love her, we hope that comes to pass. At the same time, Season 10 winner Dan, and past champ Mike "Boogie" might be coming back, too, so... you take the good, you take the bad.

1. It's Not The Glass House
There have been a handful of interesting moments or ideas on The Glass House, but mostly it is a shoddily executed copy of Big Brother that suffers because we forget about that show during the six days it's not on TV. And those housemates are so desperately playing to the viewers that we can't stand it. If nothing else, ABC's show made us appreciate the CBS original, with its three-nights-a-week schedule, the constant streams (and people who tweet about the feeds) and alliance-obsessed players, more than ever before.

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