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From <i>The Glee Project</i> to <i>Glee</i>: Potential Storylines for Season 4

Y'all, I still can't believe The Glee Project even got a second season, let alone picked Blake Jenner -- the only normal, tolerable and attractive contestant in a pool filled with horribly obnoxious misfits who Ryan Murphy seemed hungry to exploit -- as the Season 2 winner. I don't think I made it through one single episode this season without hysterically laughing (Zach Woodlee's weird T. rex hand pose alone got me every time), and if you missed a single episode, I strongly suggest going back and watching what I think is the best terrible show on TV.

In any event, now that we have one actual winner -- which is frankly shocking after everyone won last time around -- and he doesn't have a painfully obvious story arc embedded in him (sorry, Muslim Aylin and wheelchair-bound Ali), Murphy is stuck writing some plot around Blake's abs. Here's what we'll likely see in the coming season of Glee, based on what we know about Blake:

Ladies' Man with a Sensitive Soul
Given that Blake chose to sing "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain and then recite a rhyme-filled poem for his final performance, Murphy and the gang will no doubt have the remaining Troubletones flock to him after Sam meets his character at swim practice (assuming the writers still remember Sam is on the swim team), only to quickly discover he has difficult secrets lingering in his past. By episode four or five, one of his admirers will do something dumb -- I don't know, Sugar will get a boob job or something -- and he'll teach her the very important lesson that a woman must love herself and then have a guy tell her she's great in order to actually be happy.

Someone with Actual Dancing, Acting and Singing Ability
Unlike Damian "The Leprechaun" McGinty or Samuel "New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name We Can't Be Bothered To Look Up" Larsen, Blake in a triple-threat. He's not exactly on par with, say, Chris Colfer, but he can be in a scene without us wanting to scream at the TV. With this and Glee logic in mind, his onscreen time might actually be cut to leave room for more backstory about Sue's pregnancy or Will and Emma's sex life.

Another Bland Dude
Blake won the show because Finn is off to join the army (you know, because his dad was in the Marines and then died of a drug overdose after he was dishonorably discharged, and Finn wants to... avenge him?), which means Murphy is down one straight, boring hunk for fangirls and fanboys to drool over. Blake's character likely won't start a dialogue about religious intolerance in a post-9/11 America, nor will he inspire handicapable teens by showing that he actually could overcome adversity, but screw it, he's a likable guy, and will no doubt out another unsuspecting New Directions member. Tina, maybe?

A Glee Project Alumnus
In all likelihood, similar to everyone who won last year, Blake will fade into the background during his guaranteed seven-episode-stint and be mostly ignored, give or take a contractually-obligated song or two. That's what we like to call "Glee Project-ality."

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